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Arsonist in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2017-04-29Updated:2017-04-29
Synonym: firebugincendiarySimilar words: arsonparsonpersonifypersonificationjuristic personhedonistballoonistantagonistMeaning: ['ɑːsənɪst] n. a criminal who illegally sets fire to property. random good picture
1 This looks like the handiwork of an arsonist.
2 The arsonist may harbour a grudge against the company.
3 This playing both arsonist and fire department is the real cause of the arms race in the region.
4 Investigators are trying to figure out if arsonist was behind this church fire in Jacksonville, Florida.
5 After he was banished as a arsonist,( Axe and Spear kept him.
6 Enjoy the satisfaction of tracking down the arsonist in addition to the main game.
7 Within two hours the arsonist was taken up by the police.
8 You're pretty sure you can identify a single arsonist?
9 The next day, the arsonist was arrested at a gymnasium.
10 Giving an arsonist a lighter is beyond a joke.
11 The arsonist confessed that he set fire to six businesses.
12 First he began to shy away from the crowd of young street thug arsonist gunslingers.
13 If it should turn out that the fire was started by an arsonist, the story will take on additional meaning.
14 Having more combustible straw around only means more fuel for the arsonist.
15 To make a fire are the disturbing habit which arsonist have in common.
16 In both instances, a heatwave following years of drought provided tinder for an arsonist 's match.
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