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Revisionist in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-03-03Updated:2017-03-03
Similar words: revisiontelevisionvisionenvisiondivisionprovisionvisionaryprovisionsMeaning: [rɪ'vɪʒənɪst] n. a Communist who tries to rewrite Marxism to justify a retreat from the revolutionary position. random good picture
1. This revisionist thesis departs even further from Marxist assertions.
2. Revisionist historians have questioned the accepted version of events.
3. Another central plank in this revisionist argument was that there was no such thing as the popular will.
4. Hazony's history is revisionist in the truest sense.
5. Both currents of revisionist work, then, contradict liberal optimism about the prospects of social stability in the countryside.
6. It was revisionist hooey and Costner came out of it with a coronation.
7. In the light of revisionist work it is difficult to treat Nicholas's resistance to liberal reform as a matter of chance or historical accident.
8. This apologetic use of revisionist history is, however, so full of pitfalls that it, too, deserves critical attention.
9. The revisionist theorists were also, however,(sentencedict .com) much concerned with strong and stable government.
10. The final focus of revisionist research is upon the sequel to October.
11. To account for this process revisionist work has focused attention on the experience of students in higher education.
12. This temporary development fostered both revisionist and defeatist views of the proletarian revolution in the imperialist countries.
13. Apologists wishing to exploit a revisionist history of science invariably stress the profoundly religious orientation of many prominent scientists.
14. Among western specialists many revisionist arguments have begun to gain a wide measure of acceptance.
15. The work of revisionist economic historians credits the tsarist economy in the years before the war with impressive growth.
16. Revisionist analyses of socio-economic trends in the countryside fall into two distinct categories.
17. Equally, revisionist conclusions conflict with many of the central tenets of Soviet orthodoxy.
18. This procedure implies opposition to the revisionist Neo - Freudian school.
19. The difference among these revisionist conservatives is really one of temperament.
20. Status quo and revisionist powers have too many colliding interests.
21. The Clinton team did, as a flurry of recent revisionist accounts of the Camp David peace effort last summer shows.
22. The fourth Marxist approach to diversity in liberal democratic politics is even more revisionist.
23. Oliver Stone, operating under a hail of criticism, was finishing a revisionist movie about the Kennedy assassination.
24. The third Marxist strategy, the development of a systematic account of within-class conflicts, is more revisionist.
25. But A People's Tragedy sets out to do more than posit revisionist challenges to received wisdom.
26. It is necessary to wage a firm ideological struggle against this revisionist current. 6.
27. Nixon lived long enough after his Watergate humiliation to put his own revisionist spin on his history.
28. We must conduct anti-revisionist education in depth so as to prevent even the slightest revisionist elements from germinating among us or trickling in from outside.
29. In 1992, Eastwood won the Best Director Oscar for his revisionist Western Unforgiven.
30. "It doesn't explain enough that this was Nazi propaganda, and this makes me vomit... As it stands, we're looking at revisionist history," Girard told Reuters on Monday.
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