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Impressionistic in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-03-15Updated:2017-03-15
Similar words: impressioncompressioncompressional waveimpressivesuppressionoppressiondepressionexpressionMeaning: [ɪm‚preʃə'nɪstɪk] adj. 1. of or relating to or based on an impression rather than on facts or reasoning 2. relating to or characteristic of Impressionism. 
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1. His paintings had become more impressionistic as his eyesight dimmed.
2. The officers seemed to make only an impressionistic assessment.
3. The show is an impressionistic look at the sights and sounds of America.
4. So let me begin by making some impressionistic guesses about the views women do in fact currently hold on morality.
5. What is now beyond dispute is that the impressionistic evidence is well-founded.
6. It is, therefore, impressionistic in intent.
7. Hence, the differences are often subtle and impressionistic rather than obvious.
8. Albeit less impressionistic and insightful,[] Kemp's analysis is of broader scope and greater clarity than de Santillana's.
9. Many impressionistic painters'inspiration stems from the brilliant sunshine.
10. Debussy was the founder of impressionistic music.
11. The style of his novels is impressionistic.
12. It looks like an impressionistic painting.
13. She had impressionistic memories of her childhood.
14. They are scrawled with the usual impressionistic drawings of male genitalia, comments about the sexual orientation of the infantry or the navy, and some more political observations.
15. How about this landscape ? It is an impressionistic painting.
16. Through his early impressionistic works, he became one of the most popular artist in China.
17. His early work was impressionistic, but he soon changed to a Fauvist style.
18. Many conservatives in the early 1900's thought impressionistic art was decadent.
19. Charles Baudelaire, a former impressionistic poet with special art style,[] whose poetry is rich in artistic expressive force.
20. The new play at the Youth Theatre is an impressionistic view of life in the fifties.
21. However, these studies are criticized by many analysts as impressionistic and loaded with gross generalizations that greatly oversimplify political reality.
22. Although sympathetic to this heresy I found myself intoxicated but also somewhat inhibited by de Santillana's impressionistic style.
23. He was awarded an Agfa bursary to develop ideas on impressionistic colour photography.
24. A mile or two away a line of froth delineated the beach and along it Impressionistic strokes suggested stick and hessian shelters.
25. The canvas Yin Xiang Ri Chu is the cornerstone of impressionistic paintings.
26. It has been described as work that "relies on geometry and symmetry, fusing curvilinear shapes into pixilated, cleverly impressionistic jigsaw puzzles ".
27. His paintings possess both the characteristic of western paintings and also impressionistic style of Chinese paintings.
28. In y H. L. Mencken, the author tries to establish a kind of impressionistic style which results much from his choice of words that contribute a lot to the realization of his stylistic ideal.
29. " Culbertson also creates a trippy, off-meter percussion vibe on "Little Drummer Boy" that creates a fascinating impressionistic feeling.
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