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Impersonal in a sentence

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Sentence count:117+8 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-22Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: detachedimpartialneutralunbiasedunprejudicedAntonym: personalSimilar words: personalpersonallyinterpersonalpersonablepersona non gratapersonin personpersonnelMeaning: [ɪm'pɜrsnl /-'pɜːs-] adj. 1. not relating to or responsive to individual persons 2. having no personal preference. random good picture
1. I find the atmosphere there rather impersonal.
2. Even his children found him strangely distant and impersonal.
3. Hospitals always seem such impersonal places - rows of identical beds in dull grey rooms.
4. His manner was coolly polite and impersonal.
5. Business letters do not have to be impersonal and
6. Sometimes she seems a very impersonal, even unkind, mother.
7. Business letters need not be formal and impersonal.
8. His manner seemed rather stiff and impersonal.
9. His touch was as impersonal as that of a doctor.
10. I think we should keep things entirely impersonal.
11. Let's keep the criticism general and impersonal.
12. We must be as impersonal as a surgeon with his knife.
13. I hate dealing with large impersonal companies.
14. The rest of the room was neat and impersonal.
15. She has a very cold and impersonal manner.
16. I hate staying in hotels; they're so impersonal.
17. He believed that people were made by the impersonal forces of history, not by greed, malice and lust.
18. The whole thing was conducted on an impersonal level.
19. Homes with large impersonal reception areas are better for orientation if they are broken up into smaller areas divided from each other.
20. The restaurant's service was rushed and impersonal.
21. His voice was coolly impersonal.
22. It was an impersonal system; it made no difference who you were, so long as you could master its rules.
23. Before then many children were cared for in large impersonal orphanages.
24. Giving people time to get to know one another will make the meeting less impersonal.
25. She didn't want to work for a big corporation where everything was so impersonal.
26. I had no desire to work for a large, impersonal organization.
27. First, we are principally concerned with insider dealing on impersonal stock exchange markets and not with face-to-face transactions.
28. His face was a mask, friendly, but in an impersonal way.
29. It was the intent face of female in rut - yet it was also the face of Justine, impersonal with death.
30. His voice was kind, but the wrong kind of kind, too impersonal.
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