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Accelerate in a sentence

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Sentence count:157+7 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-23Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: hastenhurryquickenspeed upAntonym: decelerateretardSimilar words: toleratecelebrationaccentuateoperateaccuratemoderatedesperatecooperateMeaning: [æk'seləreɪt] v. 1. move faster 2. cause to move faster. 
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1. Exposure to the sun can accelerate the ageing process.
2. Growth will accelerate to 2.9 per cent next year.
3. He decided to accelerate his output.
4. Inflation is likely to accelerate this year, adding further upward pressure on interest rates.
5. This car can accelerate from nought to sixty in ten seconds.
6. They use special chemicals to accelerate the growth of crops.
7. We need to accelerate the pace of change in our backward country.
8. The inflation rates began to accelerate last month.
9. We should accelerate our research in atomic power generation and speed up the building of atomic power plants.
10. Inflation continues to accelerate.
11. The government is to accelerate its privatisation programme.
12. Environmental factors can accelerate the development of certain cancers.
13. Our country should accelerate the economic growth.
14. Another burn at this point can accelerate the craft, placing it on the higher circular orbit.
15. If workers believe inflation is likely to accelerate, they will demand high enough wages to compensate for expected increases in prices.
16. We will strive to accelerate the eradication of ozone depleting substances.
17. Otherwise, while growth will accelerate,[sentencedict .com] body shape may be adversely affected.
18. Slow economic growth reduces the likelihood inflation will accelerate and erode the value of bonds' fixed payments.
19. In the ACCs, the money supply began to accelerate at the beginning of 1970.
20. The Ferrari can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds.
21. The year's purpose is to accelerate the development and provision of national and international communications.
22. Perhaps the fact that the car was tailgating him made him accelerate.
23. The leader is losing ground as the rest of the runners accelerate.
24. To get into the correct impact position, the clubhead must start to accelerate right from the commencement of the downswing.
25. I know that orchestras, when they see a lot of black notes, usually start to accelerate.
26. This time delay can have safety and/or economic consequences hence the need to accelerate the experts' diagnosis and decision processes.
27. The incorporation of microelectronics in products and manufacturing processes is likely to accelerate this trend.
28. From the 1970s onwards, however, the moves began to accelerate and involved quite different factors.
29. But extra light will accentuate the bright colours of the leaves and accelerate bushy growth.
30. Indications the economy may be picking up steam hurt bonds by sparking concern inflation may accelerate, eroding bonds' fixed payments.
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