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Accent in a sentence

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Synonym: emphasisinflectionpronunciationtoneSimilar words: accentuateaccessaccelerateaccessibleacceptableacceptanceCent.scentMeaning: ['æksənt] n. 1. distinctive manner of oral expression 2. special importance or significance 3. the usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people 4. the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch) 5. a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation. v. 1. to stress, single out as important 2. put stress on; utter with an accent. 
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1. He speaks in his broad accent.
2. They were all copying my accent and pissing themselves laughing.
3. I'm told I have a very pronounced English accent when I speak French.
4. He speaks with a strong southern accent.
5. Accent the word "woman"on the first syllable.
6. Sergeant Parrott normally spoke with an upper-crust accent.
7. He's always mocking my French accent.
8. Many celebrities develop a working class accent to increase their street-credibility.
9. Her foreign accent was barely perceptible.
10. Accentuate the word " accent " on the first syllable.
11. He noticed that I spoke Polish with an accent .
12. She found his accent virtually incomprehensible.
13. He had developed a slight American accent.
14. The kids all put on a phoney American accent.
15. He speaks with a British accent,( but that is just an affectation because he's not British.
16. She had a pronounced Scottish accent.
17. He's got a strong French/Scottish accent.
18. He used to rib her mercilessly about her accent.
19. In the word 'dinner' the accent is on the first syllable.
20. The way she puts on that accent really irritates me.
21. He speaks with a broad/heavy/strong/thick Yorkshire accent.
22. The voice was patronizing and affected, the accent artificial.
23. She speaks with a pronounced French accent.
24. In any advertising campaign, you must accent the areas where your product is better than the competition.
25. He had a pleasant, lilting northern accent.
26. The accent of the report is on safety.
27. Her Irish accent, after thirty-odd years in London, is undiluted.
28. He mimicked her southern accent.
29. They were amazed that I was talking in an Irish accent.
30. I thought I could detect a slight West Country accent.
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