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Stereoselectivity in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2023-04-05Updated:2023-04-05
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1) These, cycloaddition reactions proceed with stereoselectivity.
2) Good stereoselectivity in this reaction was observed.
3) Lipase has wide specificity for substrate, high stereoselectivity and plays very important role in the bioorganic synthesis.
4) The stereoselectivity of the reaction of Grignard reagents with perfluoroalkylcarbonyl phosphonates has been studied in detail.
5) The yield and stereoselectivity of the reaction can be adjusted to some extent by changing the carbon source and its concentration.
6) Also, the high stereoselectivity of the Wittig olefination has been well rationalized.
7) OBJECTIVE To investigate the absorption kinetics and stereoselectivity of tetrahydropalmatine(THP) enantiomers in rat intestine.
8) Electrocyclie reaction have highly stereoselectivity, this paper tells the stereoselectivity products in different conditions with details for improving students reading comprehension.
9) OBJECTIVE To investigate the stereoselectivity of pseudoephedrine in pseudoephedrine and cetirizine sustained-release tablets in vivo.
10) The stereoselectivity was improved by increasing steric hindrance of the reactions.
11) Pinacol coupling reaction induced by low valent titanium has higher chemoselectivity and stereoselectivity, and has increasing attracted organic chemists in recent years.
12) In these containers, bimolecular reactions between specially selected guests proceed with high regio - and stereoselectivity.
13) The other is conducted amidst carbonium ion intermediate and the product thus brought about has no stereoselectivity.
14) New methods for asymmetric synthesis of pinacol are reviewed, the catalytic effects and stereoselectivity with various catalytic systems are discussed in this paper.
15) Higher temperature and more water not only denature PPL , but also decrease stereoselectivity of PPL.
16) The results show that this chiral stationary phase exhibits good stereoselectivity to the series of racemic sulfoxide enantiomers.
17) The stereospecificity of the thermal cleavage of pyrazolines is lacking although stereoselectivity does exist.
18) The aim of this research is to study the stereoselectivity of photocyclization reaction in the act of chiral template.
19) On the contrary,[] pretreating with allyl bromide could turn the stereoselectivity of this asymmetric reduction reaction from mainly producingS-CHBE to R-CHBE.
20) Using the theory of frontier molecular orbits, this article explains clearly stereoselectivity through the examples of electrocyclic reactions.
21) The result shows that, under this catalytic reaction, the Heck arylation of iodobenzene with acrylic acid has a good stereoselectivity and only trans-cinnamic acid is produced.
22) Stereoselective oxidative dimerization of the enolate of carboxylic acid derivatives is summarized focusing on the stereoselectivity of the process.
23) This review summarizes the state of the art of the coupling of the enolate of ketones, focusing on the stereoselectivity of the process.
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