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Pyrolysis in a sentence

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Sentence count:153Posted:2017-09-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: hydrolysiselectrolysishemolysisglycolysisepidermolysislysisdialysisanalysisMeaning: [paɪ'rɑlɪsɪs /-'rɒ-]  n. transformation of a substance produced by the action of heat. 
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1. Much crystalline solid is found in the pyrolysis residue.
2. Smolder isa slow pyrolysis and oxidative reaction in loose and grainy medium, and it isflameless combustion.
3. Total hydrocarbon content in pyrolysis rock is an important parameter for evaluating the oil bearing property of reservoirs, and is a key point of calculating the saturation of remaining oil.
4. At the same time, the coal pyrolysis simulation process and the results were analyzed and provided basic reference to coal pyrogenation process development and optimization.
5. It's suspected that the coal pyrolysis is the functional-groups decomposition.
6. Pyrolysis performance of admixture with hard coal and corn stalk in different heat rate.
7. This paper introduced the pyrolysis of the coal and the, properties of the semicoke .
8. Coal pyrolysis in arc plasma jet to produce acetylene is an embodying application.
9. The use of "floating vegetation pyrolysis oxygen carbonization process, " Straw production of charcoal, burning its value up to 6494 kilocalories (straw corn).
10. The catalyst carrier for biomass pyrolysis was prepared by red mud, ash and anhydrous sodium carbonate.
11. The recent progress on the mechanism of coal pyrolysis was discussed, including the formation and transport of volatile products, net-work models, FGDVC models and cross-linking.
12. Unsaturated polyester resin(UPR)wastes pyrolysis was cracked to prepare feed stock, and process conditions of catalytic cracking reaction were introduced systematically.
13. This paper discusses a correction method for pyrolysis total hydrocarbon content of sidewall coring sos to make it close to the surface content of in place formation oil.
14. The pyrolysis gas chromatography is used for structural analysis of ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolyether surfactants.
15. Incineration of pyrolysis with recovery of bromine or hydrobromic acid.
16. The gas supply is both from late kerogen pyrolysis gas and crude cracked gas, with mixture feature of the same source and different stages.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. The techniques of converting these wastes to methane are similar to those currently under study in the pyrolysis of biomass.
18. The transform disciplinarian of N, S was studied contrastively during coal pyrolysis and gasification.
19. The author systematically studied on sampling method and depth, time of absorption equilibrium and Curie pyrolysis, sample preparation and the process of experimental operation.
20. The laminar algal are mainly composite by planktonic algae and it's pyrolysis products, and most of the algal are the Granoreticella of Chlorophyta .
21. An updraft gasifier has clearly defined zones for partial combustion, reduction, and pyrolysis.
22. The proposed furnacelygas one is provided firstly from the engineering point of view which cannot use the product of fast pyrolysis of gas condensate.
23. With increment of temperature rising rate, the activated energies of pyrolysis reactions of coal-tar pitches increase.
24. Desorption chemical ionization technique has been applied by authors to direct thermal pyrolysis of polymers in chemical ionization source with different reagent gases.
25. The relationship between volatile matter and total sulfur in gas phase of coal pyrolysis process was related to the rule of form sulfur transformation.
26. A new kind of materials applied to the artificial heart valve, rutile-TiO2 thin film on low temperature isotropic pyrolysis carbon (LTI-carbon) was deposited through the enhanced ion beam approach.
27. The results show that it is feasible to adopt this method in laboratory for investigation of desoxydation of low temperature pyrolysis in low rank coals.
28. However, the riverbed sludge plays a catalytic role on coal slime pyrolysis.
29. Volumetric fraction of hydrogen was increased about 10 % per 100 ℃ increment of pyrolysis temperature.
30. The weight loss curves of three-ply wood were obtained based on the pyrolysis experiment, and the corresponding kinetic parameters, i. e. activation energy E and frequency factor A, were calculated.
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