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Phenolic in a sentence

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Sentence count:155Posted:2020-05-15Updated:2020-05-15
Similar words: phenolicsphenomenologyphenomenologicalphenolphenologypolyphenolaminophenoldinitrophenolMeaning: [fɪː'nɑlɪk ,'-nɔl- /-'nɒl-]  n. a thermosetting resin. 
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1 Also avoid tinned foods, because the phenolic resin that is used to line the tin can contaminate the food.
2 Phenolic resin modified by melamine and cashew nul shell oil can be used as adhesive for various base materials in brake shoes.
3 In this manuscript, the determination of phenolic compounds: epicatechin, rutin and quercetin in buckwheat sprout by capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical detection(CE-ED) was reported.
4 Coffee is a major source of the phenolic compound chlorogenic acid and the vitamin B3 precursor trigonelline that have been shown to reduce blood glucose concentrations in animal studies.
5 Phenolic resin has excellent bond strength, water resistance, durability, acid-resistant and drug-resistant features, excellent performance, which is an excellent adhesive.
6 Donors such as amine and phenolic groups, when positioned ortho to a nitro group, are always involved in intramolecular hydrogen bonding.
7 Mesopore evolution mechanism of phenolic resin-based activated carbon spheres was studied by M?ssbauer Spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscope.
8 A manufacturing process of high performance coated sand phenolic resin was introduced.
9 The purity of 4-aminoantipyine is key for measuring phenolic material in water samples.
10 The synthetic technology and conditions of phenolic resin as adhesive of abrasive belt were discussed.
11 BHa: a white, waxy phenolic antioxidant, CHO, used to preserve fats and oils, especially in foods.
12 The content of phenolic compound, polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites is high in ligneous plant, which influences frequently the yield and quality of genome DNA when being extracted.
13 The modified phenolic resin was synthesized by using distilled tall oil from paper industrial wastes, the reaction mechanism and the structure of resin was analyzed.
14 The phenolic foam plastic is prepared by foaming of synthetic high active phenolic resin.
15 Tannin, organic acid, phenolic compounds, flavone, carbohydrate, sterol, triterpene, amino acid, protein, volatile oil and fat were detected, There are higher contents of fat and flavone in the dregs.
16 Starting from natural amino acid, diphenol having a phenolic hydroxyl group was synthesized. Using the diphenole as comonomer, a biodegradable epoxy resin in which contain amide group.
17 FB phenolic resin is one of this new kind of high performance flame retardant resins, having been developed and put into lot production. The flame retardant property of FB resin is described.
18 The modified phenolic resin was synthesized by using catalpa oil provided by Hubei Province, China,[] and the reaction mechanism and the structure of resin were analysized.
19 Foamed phenolic plastic is a new building material with uninflammability, low smoking and low toxicity.
20 My company major produces phenolic aldehyde to accord with wind canal, provide construction help!
21 The surface is comparable with cast epoxy resins for chemical and stain resistance, whilst offering the mechanical qualities of solid phenolics.
22 This article gave a review on the origin, types of the structures and biological activities of 98 novel phenolic diterpenoids.
23 Phenolic compounds accumulating evidently in non-elongating cell walls showed that phenolic compounds accumulation might be one of the causes of the rigidification of coleoptiles' cell walls.
24 Analysis on the change of variance showed that tannins, flavonoids, total phenolic material content was remarkable, when the bamboo shoot was destroyed by B. zhejiangensis.
25 Result: The constituents of Flos Carthami are pigments, flavonoids, phenolic acid etc.
26 Objective: To study the role of chitosan elicitor on cell growth and phenolic compound contents of Marchantia polymorpha L.
27 The acetylacetone spectrophotometric method was applied to determine formaldehyde content in epoxy phenolic resin coating on the internal wall of food can.
28 Objective:It was studied and explored further the mechanism of treatment that the protective effect of phenolic alkaloids from Menispermum dauricum(PAMD) on cerebral ischemia in rats.
29 Further, the thermal stability and the inflaming properties of phenolic foam was compared with those of PUF.
30 The new polymer quaternary ammonium salt was synthesized from epoxy phenolic resin via ring-opening reaction with aqueous solution of triethylamine hydrochloride.
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