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Optimizer in a sentence

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1. The optimizer takes account of these changes and selects the optimal access plan when the job is executed.
2. Indeed, from the basic statistics, the DB2 optimizer can only estimate the frequency of 'VALUE_Z' in COLUMN_Y.
3. The IXAND access request element directs the optimizer to use index anding to access a table.
4. The optimizer will deduce key value selection based on the functional dependency of the column within the row.
5. To do this, the optimizer uses the RTL to create fast or more compact code (or both, when possible).
6. DB2's optimizer is the component that accomplishes this physical data independence.
7. For SQL statements with variables, the optimizer uses a default filter factor to determine the best access path at bind time.
8. If value is set to 2, the optimizer would uses estimated costs to determine an execution plan regardless of the transaction isolation mode.
9. Bugfix related to frequency selection box on Optimizer form (F12).
10. Note: The query optimizer considers using a functional index when the index expression is used in a relational expression or as an argument to one of the operator class functions.
11. Bitmap indexes are integrated with the Oracle optimizer and execution engine.
12. Conflicting statistics: Inconsistent statistics may cause the optimizer to derive the wrong estimated costs and to make the wrong decision on access plan assessment.
13. With the hilo optimizer, your sequence can't be used by other applications unless they also employ the same logic as in Hibernate.
14. Note: Since statistics impact the optimizer, you are advised to set STATCHANGE to a reasonable value so that queries continue to return in optimum fashion.
15. Rebind applications that use static SQL after using RUNSTATS so that the query optimizer can choose the best access plan given the new statistics.
15. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
16. Without column data-value distribution information in the catalog, DB2 will assume an even distribution of values, which may lead the optimizer to a sub-optimal access path.
17. Another primary module of the overall design is an optimizer module.
18. These views include columns containing statistical information that is useful to the query optimizer.
19. Inspect the optimized SQL in the db2exfmt or Visual Explain output, as this is the basis for the planning decision of the relational data source push-down analysis and the query optimizer.
20. I've set up the subject player using the THX optimizer test patterns for contrast and grey scale.
21. In MPP, the opt_buffpage is calculated per node, as the optimizer uses the total buffer pool information for the node on which the query is running.
22. The result of this comparison can potentially point to out-of-date statistics — for example, used by the optimizer to select an incorrect access plan.
23. In the figure below, asynchrony has been enabled, and the optimizer has chosen to place an ATQ operator above the rightmost (pink) SHIP.
24. If the transaction isolation mode is Repeatable Read, then the optimizer would base its choice purely on the estimated costs.
25. The experimental results using the testing functions showed that the new algorithm is able to search the global optimizer and avoiding the premature convergence on the multidimensional variable space.
26. To take advantage of the increased buffer pool, you must rebind the applications for the optimizer to consider the buffer pool size when deciding its access strategy.
27. The script engine has some components, include symbol table, lexical analyzer, parser, semantic checker, intermediate code generator, optimizer, code generator, virtual machine.
28. If the SQL statement is badly coded, it is difficult for the optimizer to transform the query, leaving fewer options available for choosing an optimal access path.
29. In general, the basic statistics available to the DB2 optimizer does not detect data correlation.
30. The IBM XL C compiler is a very good optimizer, and as a result, the C algorithm delivers superior results to a simple unoptimized assembly language implementation.
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