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Nitration in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2021-04-28Updated:2021-04-28
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1. The nitration of this may lead to dinitrotoluene.
2. The nitration of pcymene may lead to dinitrotoluene.
3. Some people proposed polymerizing the glycerine prior to nitration.
4. Nitroxynil was also prepared from p -hydroxybenzaldehyde by nitration , cyanation and iodination of the product.
5. Naphthylene is converted to 1,5-dinitronaphthylene by nitration and then reduced into 1,5-diaminonaphthylene, the latter compound is diazotized and oxidized into 5-hydro-1,4-naphthylenedione.
6. With the inhibition of nitrobacteria, a route of nitration over nitrite realized.
7. The two-phase nitration ofp-cresol by aqueous sulphuric acid, potassium nitrate and diethyl ether has been studied, yield as high as 83% 2-nitro-p-cresol.
8. A technology of compressed air spray nitration was reported in this paper. A method of continuous manufacture of 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate was achieved. And safety in production was given.
9. The regioselective nitration of toluene and chlorobenzene with nitrates and supported nitrates on solid acid catalysts and supports in the presence of acetic anhydride is studied.
10. Wastewater of methylbenzene nitration has various kinds of aromatic nitrophenol components in it with great toxity and difficulty to treat.
11. Its main synthesis method is nitration of guaiacol by fuming nitric acid and glacial acetic acid as nitration agent.
12. The mechanism of aromatic nitration continues to be a subject of active research and some controversy.
13. In the second section, the selective nitration of o-xylene had been studied.
14. The nitration and reduction of piperonal in different experiment conditions were investigated. Thus, the high yield of medical intermediate 6 - aminopiperonal is obtained.
15. Nitration of toluene with fluorous biphase system was studied by using the perfluorous nonene as solvent.
16. In this paper, rice husks were used as the raw materials to produce fiber-type ion-exchange agents by nitration, alkalization , aging, cross-linking, and amination.
17. The probable reactions of the adamantane, for example halogenation, alcoholization, nitration and alkylation, are summarized.
18. Dimethyl 6,7 methylenedioxyquinoline was prepared from piperonal with good yield(74.6%). The synthetic route consists of nitration, reduction and condensation.
19. LLM-105 was synthesized using 2,6-dichloropyrazine and sodium methylate as the starting materials in four steps including alkoxylation, nitration, amination and N-oxidation with total yield of 50%.
20. Alkanes undergo reaction such as cracking, alkylation, oxidation, halogenation, nitration and so on.
21. A mild and high efficient method to prepare glycidyl nitrate by selective nitration of glycidol with dinitrogen pentoxide as the nitrating agent was developed.
22. From highly Pare m-trifluoromethyl aniline, the Flutamide is prepared by acylation with isobutyl chloride and nitration with assistant S.
23. The reaction was highly para - selective. Ortho - to - para ratio was below 0.58 in the nitration products of toluene with n-propyl nitrate instead of 1.67, as compared with sulfonitric acid.
24. By the starting material 4 -chloronitrobenzene, 2, 4 - dichlorobenzene was synthesized via fluorination, nitration and chlorination. The total yield was 59. 0%.
25. In this paper, phthalide was chosen as raw material, and 5-Nitrophthalaldehydic Acid was prepared by nitration, bromination and hydrolysis.
26. Nanometer tungsten nitride powders were synthesized as amm onium metatungstate by means of spray drying, calcination, milling and nitration in pure ammonia.
26. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
27. Therefore, ionic liquids acted as solvent or catalyst have been utilized for aromatic nitration.
28. The effects of ferric citrate and ferric oxalate on the nitration of tyrosine by peroxynitrite have been studied.
29. In this study, with home-made 2-ethoxyphenol as raw material, decoquinate was synthesized by nitration, reduction and high-heat condensation reaction.
30. The efficiency of any automatic safety device should be checked before every nitration.
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