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King crab in a sentence

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Similar words: kingcraftlanding craftwhooping cranebing crosbyrallying cryriding cropshaving creamwhipping creamMeaning: n. 1. meat of large cold-water crab; mainly leg meat 2. a large spider crab of Europe 3. large edible crab of northern Pacific waters especially along the coasts of Alaska and Japan 4. large marine arthropod of the Atlantic coast of North America having a domed carapace that is shaped like a horseshoe and a stiff pointed tail; a living fossil related to the wood louse. 
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1 The giant king crabs choose nights when the tide is highest and the moon full.
2 King crab is, in fact, a misnomer.
3 The king crabs have a nearly circular carapace, beneath which powerful legs helped the animal to swim and catch prey.
4 White chunky Alaska king crab meat baked in a buttery and earthy mushroom sauce.
5 Offers Alaskan salmon, king crab, shrimp, caviar, and more.
6 Food Recommendations: This wine matches perfectly with lobster, king crab , fish with soft sauces, and poultry.
7 In the mood for Oysters, Lobster, King Crab Legs or other seafood delicacies?We have got the food to fit your mood.
8 But Alaskan king crab—crab that actually hails from the great state of Alaska—is a completely separate animal and is much more responsibly harvested than the imported stuff.
9 Every year, each female king crab gives birth to around 10,( surviving offspring and there are now 20 million in the Barents Sea alone.
10 Lobster, mussels, king crab... delicious delights from the seven seas.
11 Eat This Instead: When you shop for king crab, whatever the label says, ask whether it comes from Alaska or if it's imported.
12 Approximately 70 percent of the king crab sold in the U.S. is imported, so it's important to make that distinction and go domestic.
13 Beneath the freezing surface of Jarfjord, east of Kirkenes, the red king crab stakes a strong claim to be Arctic Norway's most unusual inhabitant.
14 Norwegian fisherman use nets to capture halibut, red perch, cod and king crab.
15 Well-known crabs include the hermit crab, edible crab (Britain and Europe), blue crab, Dungeness crab, fiddler crab, and king crab.
16 These fish include red snapper, Atlantic salmon, bluefin tuna, and king crab.
17 And supermarkets often add to the confusion by labeling imported king crab "Alaskan King Crab, Imported."
18 Danes long ago used the ashes of hay as a seasoning, so Mr. Redzepi does, too: they smell vaguely of popcorn, and have accessorized both an egg dish and one with king crab.
19 Our culinary team, under the guidance of Executive Sous Chef Thomas Zhang, presents a large selection of fresh seafood featuring Scottish Oysters, Alaska King Crab(, European Lobster and much more.
20 It was hugely different, and I really enjoyed it, though my wife didn't enjoy having the king crab brought to the table alive prior to being cooked!
21 Result:The samples were no showed interferential efforts on the King Crab reagent.
22 Underneath the ice, spikes meet spikes as an Alaska king crab the size of a nickel crawls over a knobby sea star.
23 But this crab also suffers from something of an identity crisis: Imported king crab is often misnamed Alaskan king crab, because most people think that's the name of the crab.
24 Other forms of crabs are also found in various places and include such species as the Alaskan king crab and the Dungeness crab.
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