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Imidazole in a sentence

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Similar words: benzimidazoleimidazolinemetronidazolemebendazolealbendazolethiabendazoleazolethiazoleMeaning: n. an organic base C3H4N2; a histamine inhibitor. 
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1 Method for separating 2,4-diphenyl oxazole and 2,4-diphenyl imidazole mixture.
2 Examples of such nitrogenous compounds are imidazole, ammeline, ammelide.
3 The present invention is related to an imidazole ring-containing compound and an organic electroluminescence display device using the same.
4 Radical hysterectomy, chemotherapy combined with dimethyl triazemo imidazole carboxamide(DTIC) and immunotherapy can improve the prognosis if the disease could be diagnosed in early stage.
5 Those allergic to corticoid and imidazole medicament are forbidden to use.
6 The polymer used for quick determination of 4-methyl imidazole(4-MI) was prepared by molecular imprinting.
7 Polymer imidazole salt 1 is a new kind of polymer phase transfer catalyst, which has the advantages of convenience for preparation, good thermal stability, and high catalytic activity.
8 A polyacrylate supported imidazole group, as an intelligent polymer catalyst, was designed and synthesized by linking of polyacrylate chloride with histidine in covalent bond.
9 Effect of an imidazole derivate i. e. " Jinlu" on growth and development of the Japanese oak silkworm, Antheraea yamamai is reported.
10 A new type of oil - soluble imidazole corrosion delay agent has been Synthesized from naphthene acid and organic amine .
11 Pyrrole, imidazole and furan are biodegradable organics, and pyridine are poor biodegradable organics.
12 The results show that different imidazole has different solderability and that there is an optimal thickness giving the best solderability.
13 However, when dicyandiamide and imidazole were added together in epoxy adhesive, the amount of dicyandiamide decreased to 15%.
14 A new type of oil - soluble imidazole agent has been Synthesized from naphthene acid and organic amine.
15 Conclusion Imidazole pessary is a effective and safe drug to moniliform bacterial colpitis.
16 Therefore, it can be concluded that both imidazole ring and thiazole ring have bioactivity.
17 This preparation uses dialkyl imidazole salt, alkyl pyridine salt or caprolactam and fatty acid as reactant.
18 In order to explore the latent toxicity of ionic liquid,[] multi-spectrum methods were used to study the interaction between imidazole ionic liquids and BSA.
19 In recent years, the demand for methylglyoxal increased with the rise of the demand for imidazole and furanone.
20 At the same time, many newly developed compounds containing imidazole ring or thiazole ring also have bioactivity.
21 Detailed research contents are as follows:(1) Succeed in selectivity electrochemical fluorinating pyridine, imidazole and 1,2,4-triazole.
22 Methods: General anesthesia was applied to all of the 19 patients with imidazole diazepam, propofol, fentanyl and vecuronium.
23 In the epoxy curing system the accelerating agents of uron derivative and imidazole are discussed in detail.
24 At present, the mostly studied antifungal agents , such as imidazole, triazole and propylene, all acted on the different steps of ergosterol synthetic pathway of the fungal cell membrane.
25 The curing mechanism of bisphenol-A diglycidyl ether type epoxy resin (DGEBA) cured with Imidazole ( IMI ) was studied by DSC, FT-IR.
26 Synthesis, Characterization and Structure of Supramolecular Complexes of Hydrogen-bonding Connected with 4-acyl Pyrazolone and Imidazole, 2, 2'-bipyridine and 4, 4'-bipyridine.
27 OBJECTIVE: To introduce the research and development of systematic antifungal drugs such as imidazole, triazole, allylamine , antibiotic etc. and the marketing trend.
28 The mechanism of hexa- coordinate phosphorus intermediate explains the catalytic effect of imidazole.
29 Taking the example of the homoaromaticity of cyclooctriene cation and imidazole and oxazole basicity, the essay discusses the application of resonance theory.
30 Its antioxidant curve is similar to L-histidine, which implied that the antioxidant ability of carnosine is closely bound up with its imidazole cycle.
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