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Gastroduodenal in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2020-01-14Updated:2020-01-14
Similar words: duodenalduodenal ulcerduodenumduodenitisduodenoscopygastrointestinalgastrointestinal tractgastrointestinal systemMeaning: adj. of or relating to the stomach and the duodenum. 
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1 These fluctuations probably result from interaction between phasic gastroduodenal motility and intermittent pancreatic secretion of neutralising bicarbonate.
2 Objective To probe the value of gastroduodenal water window in ultrasonic diagnosis of ampulla carcinoma.
3 Objective To evaluate the curative effects of gastroduodenal drainage for serious duodenal injury.
4 Objective To evaluate the clinical significance of gastroduodenal septostomy internal and external drainage in the treatment of pancreatic pseudocyst.
5 Purpose:To study the hypotonic effect of VitK3 in gastroduodenal double contrast examination.
6 Variant hepatic arteries from gastroduodenal artery was seen in 2.7 %.
7 Methods 793 cases of various gastroduodenal diseases were examined with gastroduodenoscopy,( and the urease of patients was tested.
8 The gastroduodenal artery that arises from the celiac trunk, constitutes the rich arterial blood supply of the pancreas, along with the splenic artery and the superior mesenteric artery.
9 It therefore seems justified to recommend amoxicillin/omeprazole as the treatment of choice to eradicate H pylori in H pylori related gastroduodenal diseases.
10 This is, however, the first study that also assesses gastroduodenal damage.
11 Objective : To summarize the diagnosis and management in perforation of gastroduodenal ulcer.
12 Objective: At the angle of EG activities, discuss the object targets of typing of gastroduodenal disease.
13 Conclusion The port - catheter system has good effect on treating hepatic malignant neoplasm, especially gastroduodenal artery.
14 Objective To study the effects of amtolmetin guacyl ( AMG ) on acute inflammation and gastroduodenal mucosa.
15 These data indicated that specific HP strain with CagA seropositive was associated with the degree of damages and active inflammation on gastroduodenal mucosa.
16 The donor splenic artery, left gastric artery, right gastric artery and gastroduodenal artery were ligated, meanwhile the proper hepatic arteries were reserved.
17 To summarize the clinical experience of laparoscopic neoplasty in acute gastroduodenal ulcer perforation.
18 To analyse the association between the primary pyloric insufficiency and gastroduodenal diseases, and to strengthen primary pyloric insufficiency in gastroscopy diagnosis.
19 Objective To discuss the etiological factor, diagnosis and treatment of gastroduodenal perforation.
20 Method: Retrospective analysis on the clinical data of 56 patients with perforation of gastroduodenal ulcer.
21 Objective To explore the clinical value of Rapair of gastroduodenal ulcer perforation with laparoscopy.
22 Objective:To study the effects of heat exposure and trauma stress on the level of motilin (MTL) in plasm and the distribution of MTL gastroduodenal mucosa and its mechanism in rabbits.
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