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Ganglions in a sentence

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1 Figure 8 illustrates one of these ganglion cells.
2 The central nervous system is divisible into the brain or cerebral ganglion, the suboesophageal ganglion and the ventral nerve-cord. 1.
3 These are projected on to the surface of the ganglion cell density function in the upper part of the figure.
4 In plexuses with amyloid deposits, some residual ganglion cells showed degenerative changes.
5 They are united into a longitudinal chain by a pair of connectives which issue from the posterior border of the suboesophageal ganglion.
6 The Deutocerebrum represents the fused ganglia of the antennal Segment.
7 Such a design also strictly limits the size of ganglia and brains.
8 Typically, a small triangular frontal ganglion lies above the oesophagus,( a short distance in front of the brain.
9 The Ventral Nerve-Cord consists of a series of ganglia lying on the floor of the thorax and abdomen.
10 This quantitative difference may also account for the beneficial effects seen after surgical interruption of the left stellate ganglion.
11 With the viral reactivation, inflammatory changes occur in dorsal root ganglia and nerve roots.
12 Messages from thousands of photoreceptors are funneled into each ganglion cell, except some cancel out the actions of others.
13 The centre shows a map of the receptive field of a particular ganglion cell obtained using a stationary spot.
14 Some of them are potent ganglion blocking agents and were introduced into clinical medicine, but they had grave disadvantages.
15 The longitudinal cords are termed connectives and join a pair of ganglia with those which precede and succeed it.
16 The basal ganglia are also the main circuitry through which flow the nerve signals controlling movement.
17 From this function, the number of ganglion cells found in any specified patch of the retina may be evaluated numerically.
18 Plus what had now turned out to be a ganglion.
19 We can now begin to make some sense of the differences between the three classes of ganglion cells.
20 Figure 8 Selectivity for orientation is also found in retinal ganglion cells.
21 Some nitrergic nerve ganglions were observed in the muscle layer or in the submucosa along the side of the circular muscle layer.
22 Ganglions may also arise within bone; these are called intraosseous ganglion cysts.
23 HRP labelled cells in the lumbar sympathetic ganglions were to be observed.
24 Methods Dorsal root ganglions (DRG) from rat embryos were isolated under microscope and dissociated in trypsin. The dissociated neurons were treated with 5-fluorouracil for purification.
25 Finally,[] ganglions can also arise near and within tendons and ligaments.
26 Sparsely distributed IR positive ganglions were revealed in the atrium adjacent to the coronary sinus.
27 Some neural cells in ganglions surrounding sino atrial node and atrio ventricular node were also positive to neurofilament.
28 Results: the central nervous system of Culex quinquefasciatus larvae includes brain and the ventral ganglions .
29 Of 70 cases of cysts, 40 cases are popliteal cysts, 16 cases ganglions, 10 cases cysts of menisci and 4 cases prepatellar bursitis.
30 The results: afferent fibers in acupoint DU-4, ovary and adrenal gland overlap in the spinal ganglions of T13 - L2.
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