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Epoxide in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2023-03-09Updated:2023-03-09
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(1) Coated and encapsulated with epoxide resin, and unilateral lead-out.
(2) The EBR vulcanizate of different epoxide number was prepared.
(3) The immobilization of Bacillus megaterium ECU 1001 epoxide hydrolase was investigated.
(4) Epoxide system which consists of H2O2 and avirulent metal catalyst stands a potential chance of development of synthesis, process research and cheap production on a large scale.
(5) The propylene epoxide saponated sewage disposal system running process is summarized.
(6) Furthermore, the metabolites of PAHs also inhibited epoxide hydrase activity.
(7) Progresses in research work of epoxide hydrolase were briefly introduced.
(8) Toxic electrophilic compounds produced by both cytochromes P450 and microsomal epoxide hydrolases can be eliminated from the body by conjugation with glutathione.
(9) If carbamazepine is taken as monotherapy, the ratio of epoxide to the parent drug is about I; 10.
(10) There has been only one report that has identified epoxide hydrolase in colonic carcinomas, by western blot analysis.
(11) HX -2 type deinking agent containing the adduct of epoxide and a mixture of natural fat and polyhydric alcohol was developed with reference to the Japanese patent JP60 - 239585.
(12) Trial and error revealed that it was best to put in the amide before the epoxide.
(13) It is proved effective that deep well aeration biological treat propylene technology is used to treat propylene epoxide saponated sewage.
(14) A divided flow cell is used for electrolysis of NaBr aqueous solution. The anolyte containing Br 2 and catholyte containing NaOH are produced simultaneously and in turn to epoxide HFP to HFPO.
(15) A dual - curing epoxy monoacrylate resin was synthesized, which contain both epoxide groups and unsaturated double bonds.
(16) Calcium ammine catalyst was prepared with metal calcium, dehydrated liquid ammonia as raw materials, nano-silica as a carrier and acetonitrile and propylene epoxide as modifiers.
(17) Application: Mainly used as raw material of polyimide, solidifying agent of epoxide resin.
(18) Oxirane test This method, which provides a measure of epoxide content, is based on the addition of hydrogen halides to the oxirane group.
(19) Expounded in this article is divided into three chapters, which are summarized as follows:1. Epoxide and its derivatives are important triatomic heterocyclic compounds.
(20) The locking lever is composed of insulating materials , namely epoxide resin.
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