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Connectionless in a sentence

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(1) Is there a contradiction between unreliability of IP connectionless and reliability of Internet transportation?This paper discusses the relation between IP and Internet reliability.
(2) Set forth a cipher synchronization scheme in the connectionless oriented IP layer, also present the state transform map of this secure protocol.
(3) The Internet protocol architecture is based on a connectionless end-to-end packet service in use of the IP protocol.
(4) Briefly they are in order, Connection-Oriented Sockets, Connectionless Sockets, the Sockets Helper Classes, Asynchronous Sockets, Threads, and IP Multicasting.
(5) Because IP is a connectionless service, no explicit connection status is available.
(6) In the Internet, the connectionless protocol is the Internet Protocol ( IP ) .
(7) Furthermore, the connectionless transport service is also very similar to the connectionless network service.
(8) IP provides Layer 3 connectionless transport through an internetwork.
(9) What is an advantage of using a connectionless protocol such as UDP?
(10) UDP packets are connectionless and can be broadcast to all hosts instead of a single unicast stream.
(11) By implementing TP4 over connectionless network protocol IP, and then constructing OSI high layer protocol over it, an OSI research and development environment is provided.
(12) The three channels are connection oriented channel, connectionless channel and singal channel.
(13) User Datagram Protocol or UDP, provides connectionless communications and does not guarantee that packets will be delivered.
(14) In a connectionless system, the destination is not contacted before packet is sent.
(15) IP is connectionless best - effort delivery protocol.
(16) If you are using a connectionless protocol(, datagrams are accepted and queued.
(17) The invention provides a multicast path management method in a connectionless communication.
(18) Technology of Circuit Emulation Service can be used to transport circuit - switched traffic over connectionless packet - switched network.
(19) Call: a logical association between several users ( this could be connection oriented or connectionless ).
(20) Which protocol is used to transfer files from computer to computer but is considered connectionless?
(21) It emphasizes that Chinese TD - SCDMA should develop toward connectionless statistical packet multiplexing as early as possible.
(22) In the OSI, gateway has two kinds: one kind is connection-oriented gateway, a connectionless gateway.
(23) TCP is a connection-oriented protocol, while UDP ( User Datagram Protocol ) is a connectionless protocol.
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