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Come out in a sentence

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Sentence count:193+14 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-18Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: appearbreak throughbug outbulgebulge outcome forthcome forwardcome income oncome out of the closetcome to the foreegressemergeeruptfall outgo forthissueoutplacepoppop outprotrudepush throughshow upstartstep forwardstep to the forestep upsurfaceturn outturn upSimilar words: come out ofcome offcome oncome ofsomeonebecome onecome homedie outMeaning: v. 1. appear or become visible; make a showing 2. come out of 3. be issued or published 4. result or end 5. come off 6. take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal 7. make oneself visible; take action 8. bulge outward 9. to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality 10. be made known; be disclosed or revealed 11. break out. 
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1) What's bred in the bone will come out in the flesh. 
2) It will be fun to see the chicks come out.
3) I am confident that everything will come out right in time.
4) They're shy animals and don't often come out in daylight.
5) I've come out without my umbrella.
6) These animals only come out at night.
7) Come out, or I'll bust the door down!
8) I'll wait for the movie to come out on cable.
9) Come out and get some fresh air.
10) The novel has just come out in paperback.
11) I can't come out tonight - my dad won't let me.
12) I come out in a rash if I eat chocolate.
13) These photographs have come out fuzzy.
14) You feed the wire in here and it come out at the other end.
15) Do tear yourself away from the television and come out for a walk.
16) These ink stains won't come out of my dress.
17) When do the exam results come out?
18) It's difficult to predict who will come out on top.
19) Did he come out for the new regulations?
20) I've come out without any money.
21) The truth has come out at last.
22) "Does anyone want to come out jogging with me?" he said perkily.
23) He is going to come out of retirement for this one last concert.
24) I don't want to come out now, and besides,[ out.html] I must work.
25) Little Tom has come out in spots so he's staying in bed.
26) The truth is beginning to come out about what happened.
27) The cream made her face come out in a rash.
28) But it's also been emphasized that no major policy changes can be expected to come out of the meeting.
29) Believe that everything happens for a reason. Expect good things to come out of challenging experiences.
30) When a song gets to the top, someone will come out of the woodwork and claim to have written it.
More similar words: come out ofcome offcome oncome ofsomeonebecome onecome homedie outin the name ofat the time ofwipe outgive outmake outtake outlive outdrive outwrite outleave outsingle outfigure outcourageoussimultaneouslycomehomecometsomecome tocome upbecomecome for
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