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Ad hoc in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2016-10-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: adhere toshockhockeychocolateMeaning: adj. 1. often improvised or impromptu 2. for or concerned with one specific purpose. adv. for one specific case. 
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1) Problems were solved on an ad hoc basis.
2) This is an ad hoc committee specially established to deal with a particular subject.
3) Points of policy are decided ad hoc.
4) The meetings will be held on an ad hoc basis.
5) The Council meets on an ad hoc basis to discuss problems.
6) But informal, ad hoc networks may then appear and disappear as the net is rearranged.
7) Out of these ad hoc sessions came a bold plan to drill a hole into the earth.
8) Ad hoc task forces will be put together to solve tough problems.
9) An ad hoc committee has been set up to deal with the problem.
10) Such cells are almost certainly ad hoc and built upon personal relationships,[ hoc.html] sharing only a loose association with more formal organizations.
11) A Caltrans appeal would go to an ad hoc seismic retrofit permit review panel.
12) After dabbling in an ad hoc errand service, she spent $ 200 in 1989 to start her cleaning business.
13) Then there is piecemeal reform with an ad hoc tribunal created-the classic instance of this concerns telephone tapping.
14) Retrieve data to support ad hoc and recurring queries.
15) Additional ad hoc committees may be appointed as needed.
16) an ad hoc meeting to deal with the problem.
17) GATT was ad hoc and provisional.
18) Payback is an ad hoc rule.
19) To solve the internodal safety communication problem at ad hoc, a key exchange scheme for mobile ad hoc network in elliptic curve field is proposed.
20) Moreover, ad hoc tools like grep, while very efficient at what they do, need to check the entire contents of large files each time a search is performed.
21) As in Ad hoc network, route is an important part in wireless Mesh network.
22) Having suffered grievously from biological weapons attacks in the past, China supports work that helps comprehensively to strengthen the effectiveness of the convention. It has actively participated in the work of drawing up a Protocol of the Ad Hoc Group of States Parties to the BWC established in 1994, and has made contributions to the progress of the negotiations on the Protocol.
23) In contrast to the Lisa approach, the Macintosh team implemented its interface issues on an ad hoc basis.
24) "There is a huge domestic market that is currently using ad hoc arbitration, " says Herbert Smith's Peacock.
25) From the outset, InnoCentive threw open the doors to other firms eager to access the network's trove of ad hoc experts.
26) According to its development of AHD's jurisdiction basis, CAS Olympic ad hoc arbitration is in fact a kind of mandatory one.
27) Of course it would not be difficult to write an ad hoc conversion routine, but this seems like a waste of time: There are other cases where one needs to feed non-XML documents into an XML solution.
28) Current routing protocol cannot sufficiently implement multi - channel and multi - interface in Mobile Ad Hoc networks MANET.
29) Bluetooth is a universal radio interface in the 2.45GHz frequency band that enables portable electronic devices to connect and communicate wirelessly via short-range, ad hoc networks.
30) In this data integration level, the organization starts from propriety and ad hoc integration, rendering the architecture brittle in the face of change.
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