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SPS in a sentence

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(1) Sodium petroleum sulfonate ( SPS ) was synthesized with furfural extracted oil as raw material and oleum as sulfonated agent.
(2) The fracture mode of SPS sintered molybdenum belongs to brittle intercrystalline fracture.
(3) The structure of IETF SPS adopt completely distributed processing mechanism.
(4) According to SPS of WTO, a risk assessment on the public and aquatic health impact and spread of Vibrio alginolyticusin imported frozen Chum salmon was conducted respectively.
(5) The survivability indices of Shipboard Power System (SPS) are important to evaluate the performance of ship operation and combat.
(6) Sintering densification behavior, hardness and grain growth characteristics of carbonyl iron powder prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS) were studied.
(7) The structure and morphology of syndiotactic polystyrene (sPS) melt crystallized in high vacuum electrostatic fields has been respectively investigated by using WAXD, DSC and SEM.
(8) The determination of sulfate radical content in sulfated polysaccharides(SPS) by gravimetric analysis of hydrochloric acid hydrolysis and barium sulfate precipation was investigated methodologically.
(9) It can be concluded that the macro-effects of SPS measures on Chinese pork trade are trade ban, trade restriction and trade twist.
(10) The SPS was also capable of causing physical changes in the ionosphere.
(11) Room - temperature SPS has been used diagnostic technique for checking the surface condition of the sample.
(12) The SPS (Subblock Partition Scheme) based on modulate constellation in PTS method is adopted.
(13) If you have performance-critical unfenced, external stored procedures (SPs) or user-defined functions (UDFs), ensure they are thread-safe.
(14) Objective:To explore the cervical ripening effect of sodium prasterone sulfate(SPS).
(15) Upon migration, all external, unfenced SPs and UDFs, will become fenced.
(16) The effects of sulfonated polystyrene (SPS) and its ionomer on the compatibility of the PS/PBMA blends was studied by DSC[], SEM and FTIR.
(17) However, when the suspension is prepared by a non-solvent for amorphous polystyrene, such as heptane and isooctane, and the sPS content is lower than 15%, the fluid is Newtonian.
(18) This paper briefly described the formation cause of polymorphism of syndiotactic polystyrene (sPS) and the method for analyzing the polymorphism of sPS.
(19) First, the paper set forth principal mode of fishery trade friction in the developed countries and China and negative action of fishery trade affected by SPS/TBT since China's WTO entry.
(20) In this invention we provide a high-molecular polymer modifier called SPS which is a mixture of dipolymer, tripolymer and multipolymer of styrene molecules.
(21) The densification, microstructure and hardness of molybdenum prepared by spark plasma sintering ( SPS ) were investigated.
(22) In one design, a first (e. g. , lower power) mode may be selected for the SPS receiver if the transmitter output power level is below a switch point.
(23) Based on the separation of noise points set (NPS) and signal points set (SPS), NPS was filtered and SPS was fused with weighted averaging method.
(24) The results show that the secondary emission coefficients of the materials sintered by SPS can reach 3.84 more than those of the materials sintered by traditional method (2.92).
(25) This paper reported the preparation of hollow fiber UF membrane, using PS and SPS as membrane spinning materials, DMA as solvent, PVPand dimethyl phthalate as additives.
(26) Objective : To observe the immune regulating effect of SPS in normal mice and mice with immunosuppression.
(27) A predictor corrector method to get the forward solution of a 6 SPS parallel manipulator was presented based on the principle of position tracking.
(28) This paper built the comparative static partial equilibrium to analyze the effect of SPS measures on Chinese Pork trade from the compliance cost incurred by SPS measures.
(29) The second mode is associated with more bias current for the SPS receiver than the first mode.
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