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H2 in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2023-05-24Updated:2023-05-24
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1. All patients were treated with H2 receptor antagonists after the procedure.
2. Cimetidine was the first H2 blocker to reach the clinic, which was a triumph for synthetic organic chemistry.
3. H2 viruses may also pose a pandemic threat.
4. This is the energy level diagram of H2.
5. Structuring page content with heading levels (h1, h2, etc.).
6. The //h1 and //h2 templates translate the XHTML-specific and tags into the generic tag, which just defines a line of text in the page with a specified height.
7. Note that for better compatibility with current browsers, it is also possible to make use of the other heading elements (h2 to h6) appropriately in place of the h1 elements.
8. Using WF6 and H2 as raw materials, tungsten plate formed by powder metallurgy as substrate, the deformable tungsten ingots were prepared successfully by a hot-wire CVD experimental facility.
9. The processor (50) generates partial matrix H2 as a unit matrix.
10. The section headings (h1 and h2) appear at the same level as the paragraphs, with no structural tags to group the sections.
11. Inhalation of H2 gas at incombustible levels during ischemia and reperfusion reduces infarct size without altering hemodynamic parameters, thereby preventing deleterious left ventricular remodeling.
12. Also can try to use many H2 or the H3 tags in text content within a page auxiliary.
13. In the method, the bacillus pumilus H2 inocula accesses culture water and is prepared by grafting a bacillus pumilus H2 strain into an LB culture medium.
14. H2 So the simplest case we can think of is with h 2 where we have two unpaired electrons, each in a 1 s orbital of a separate h atom.
15. Inflammable and explosive poisonous gas are gas occurrence boiler device of the primary risk involved in substance, the main composition is carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), nitrogen.
16. The effects of solvent, addition agent[], H2 protective atmosphere and agent H2 pressure on catalytic reaction were investigated.
17. There are four major types of histamine receptor, H1, H2, H3 and H4 in human body. Histamine plays its biologic role primarily through its receptors.
18. IOS(infinite order sudden) approximation, the hyperfine collisional transitional rate coefficients of E - type CH3CN - H2 have been calculated under the conditions of interstellar molecular clouds.
19. Firstly the setpoint tracking controller is designed in terms of the robust H2 optimal performance objective.
20. Methods Certain amounts of and Zn were put into the wastewater to produce hydrogen (H2) and the H2 reacted with S2-to form H2S, and sulfuret was separated from the wastewater.
21. With the increase of distillation rate the HD concentration in reboiler increases as well, and there are remarkable differences in separation performance between H2/HD and D2/DT system.
22. Sand body thickness vary greatly , on longitudinal H1 is more connectible than H2 and H3 . On landscape the sand connecting is good in the main direction of river orientation.
23. When we analyzed the 1918 hemagglutinin gene, we found that the sequence has many more differences from avian sequences than do the 1957 H2 and 1968 H3 subtypes.
23. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
24. Performance evaluation of metal passivator in FCCU was carried out in the small fixed bed with two evaluation indice. The evaluation index is the light oil yield and H2/CH4in cracked gas.
25. What is the energy change going from two atomic hydrogens to one H2?
26. The processor (50) then joins partial matrix H1 and partial matrix H2 to generate parity check matrix H.
27. Also, the addition of K influences the adsorption of H2 and CO on catalyst surface through its electronic effect.
28. All right, so it looks like we weren't showing the percentages here, but it looks like hopefully most of you were able to get the correct answer of H2 being the limiting reactant.
29. You'd have to go back and change your h3 elements to h2 elements, or h4 elements, or whatever element identified their role in their new context.
30. The aim is to determine a stable linear filter which provides a guaranteed H2 performance and expected poles location for the filtering error system.
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