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Unachievable in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2018-01-11Updated:2018-01-11
Similar words: achievableachievabilitybelievableretrievableunbelievableirretrievableachievebelievablyMeaning: [‚ʌnə'tʃɪːvəbl] adj. impossible to achieve. random good picture
1. Even so, Coleman did not attempt the then unachievable, and claim equality with the medical profession.
2. "These results are unachievable with traditional advertising mediums, " she says.
3. Place some seemingly unachievable goal in front of a group of motivated people and they will go after it.
4. I think they're probably almost unachievable targets. But I think that's the only thing we know how to do right now.
5. A recovery in 2009 is unachievable in the current economic climate,[Sentencedict] according to sector leaders.
6. Cheap, pesticide-free food is probably an unachievable objective.
7. This goal, however, looks increasingly distant and unachievable in today's Taiwan.
8. I think they're probably almost unachievable targets.
9. While perfect security is unachievable here(, there are techniques that can limit how much damage each application can do.
10. It is expected to include a wish-list of cuts in tax and welfare levies, many of them politically unachievable.
11. In fact, research has shown that young women are not fooled by airbrushed images, and are well aware that what they see in fashion magazines is artificial and unachievable.
12. Aim high, since with the unexpected breaking down barriers, once unachievable goals are now within your grasp.
13. The prevalence of such values has made boosting the national birthrate seem an unachievable goal.
14. In Search of Excellence, it is hard, but nothing is unachievable , except you do not want to proceed, so hurry up!
15. Those works which shows People's subjective senses and the writer's aesthetic standards, are also real and acceptable, although they are illusory and unachievable.
16. You may be dealing with a modern day Napoleon in the office if your manager demands the unachievable from her subordinates.
17. Then we wandered off to Iraq and now we are back to fight in Afghanistan for hopelessly unachievable aims.
18. The average response time is usually chosen because often, if the goal is unachievable and unrealistic, the zWLM function discards any attempt to achieve it.
19. They describe the IPCC's assumption that the majority of future emission reductions will occur spontaneously, in the absence of climate policies, as "optimistic at best and unachievable at worst".
20. This article was widely criticized by traditional instructors, as being far too optimistic and unachievable.
21. Chapter Four makes an intensive study to his " reading the rainbow and recording " and the unachievable life ideal placed in such experimental novels.
22. So you can feel free to adopt a really enormous mission, even one which may be unachievable in your lifetime, as long as that mission inspires and motivates you.
23. We are impoverishing ourselves in pursuit of a consumption goal that is inherently unachievable.
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