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Escalation in a sentence

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Similar words: escalatorexhalationcalculationon a large scaleelationconfiscationoblationablationMeaning: [‚eskə'leɪʃn] n. an increase to counteract a perceived discrepancy. 
1. A further escalation of the crisis now seems inevitable.
2. The reorganization has led to a dramatic escalation in costs.
3. The US military wants to avoid the graduated escalation that marked the Vietnam War.
4. The threat of nuclear escalation remains.
5. It's difficult to explain the recent escalation in/of violent crime.
6. But escalation is not usually associated with adult sexuality.
7. None can afford an escalation of subsidies on agriculture exports.
8. Instead of escalation, Clinton's preferred tactic had been to scale back the patrols to avoid clashes.
9. Controlled escalation, if required, and dominance over the threat, if necessary, were the guiding precepts.
10. All are agreed that this escalation of the 36-year-long civil war will mean a marked increase in deaths.
11. The risks of an escalation to nuclear war were small.
12. htm:escalation(escalationname).receivers% is bound to the escalation receivers of the escalation with the specified name in the scope of the current task instance.
13. A fix price contract with escalation.
14. Usually this is the result of confrontational escalation.
15. Neediness is an escalation of desire at a critical juncture in the relationship or in its pursuit.
16. Any unexpected circumstance that arises may catalyze a sudden escalation of violence.
17. The guidelines reflect a growing concern among ministers that the planned escalation of the programme could spark severe social tensions.
18. In the private sector[], decision making can be guided and implemented by considerations that are subject to reasonably accurate escalation.
19. On the Rebound Since caffeine is relatively inexpensive and widely available, the dose escalation induced by tolerance is seldom burdensome.
20. But rather than sating desires, it seemed to fuel them toward even more escalation.
21. Such reports in a popular newspaper endorse a general belief in escalation.
22. Leaders insist that only pockets around the country support escalation, but are aware of increasing frustration that the dispute remains unsettled.
23. Its first ascent in 1882 saw the start of the escalation of climbing standards in no uncertain manner.
24. In other words there is a grave risk of escalation.
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25. The February attack could mark a change of tactics which will really threaten the regime if there is an escalation.
26. Suzy: And Kashmir is Islamic, right? So how did this escalation happen?
27. Bush denounced what he called Russia's dramatic and brutal escalation of violence.
28. Retributive violence would add to the risk of further terrorism, and it may also add to the risk of escalation to the use of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons by a terrorist group.
29. We had the capacity to expand the scale of the airlift to match any Soviet escalation.
30. For 30 year international petroleum price undulation is fierce, the overall assumes the trend of escalation.
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