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Transponder in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-12-01Updated:2017-12-01
Similar words: transposetransporttransposedtransposonmeans of transportationtransporterair transporttransportableMeaning: n. electrical device designed to receive a specific signal and automatically transmit a specific reply. 
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1. A malfunctioning transponder would leave dots on the radar tape, not a streak, according to the manual, Schulze said.
2. A transponder is a device that emits radar signals identifying and locating aircraft for air traffic controllers.
3. I'd just squawked the new transponder code when I saw a helicopter ahead at two o'clock.
4. Aircraft have transponder systems which locate the aircraft exactly so that everyone for several miles around knows where the aircraft is.
5. On Standby the transponder unit is on, but does not give a response.
6. The transponder was released acoustically just after Alvin left the bottom for the last time in this area.
7. The TSB 2500 IFF Combined Interrogator Transponder is one of the most advanced systems compliant with the latest NATO and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and regulations.
8. We carry a transponder . We have a transponder on board.
9. It is studied that intermodulation products of transparent transponder satcom system with interference.
10. Check your transponder, I don't get your reply.
11. In demodulation type transponder the demodulated baseband signal accompanied by noise is used for further modulation and retransmission.
12. Finally, intellectualized test method of pulse radar transponder is compared with traditional one in this thesis.
13. I still unable receive your transponder, report reaching FL 150.
14. The transponder mainly modeled by transmitter and receiver.
15. Following a two year stagnation in transponder demand according to our reviewed market assessment, transponder usage grew again by 2.2% in 2004.
16. When transponder transmitted enquiry signal with sum wave beam, transmitting side lobe restrain was realized with other antenna transmitted restrain wave beam at one time.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. The power that transponder need is come from coupling unit like clock pulse and data.
18. The aircraft's transponder replies with coded information to interrogation from the ground ATC station.
19. Your transponder is malfunctioning , I get no readout the scope , reset your transponder.
20. Unplug the existing cable from the Transponder Telemetry Interface connector, if necessary.
21. Alvin is recovered first, and then the ship is brought into position to pick up the transponder.
22. The product is the result of an agreement signed in October 1991 for joint development of an FRAM-compatible radio frequency transponder chip.
23. He radioed the airport control tower to confirm that they could receive his transponder signal.
24. The research of this article mainly focuses on the technicals of the design of low power consumption acoustic transponder, and the realization of the platform of long base line transceiver.
25. Once your plane takes off, your pilot activates a transponder device inside the aircraft.
26. Receiving side lobe restrain was realized by compared the receiving signal extent for sum and difference beams of transponder.
27. This paper also introduces a method using the gradient change points of vertical sections for the virtual transponder to realize single point locating.
28. The relative separation of the vessel and ROV is measured with an acoustic transducer and transponder.
29. The effect of filter bandwidth in soft limiting satellite transponder with uplink interference is studied.
30. A short time later, when Leia needed to get to the planet Wayland, Ghent rigged a fake Imperial transponder code on the Wild Karrde that allowed it to carry her there.
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