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Transposon in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2017-07-25Updated:2017-07-25
Similar words: transposetransposedtransportmeans of transportationair transporttransportabletransportationactive transportMeaning: n. a segment of DNA that can become integrated at many different sites along a chromosome (especially a segment of bacterial DNA that can be translocated as a whole). 
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1 Transposon tagging is a powerful molecular tool for isolating genes with unknown functions.
2 One particular transposon first appeared about a million years ago. And by seeing where these sequences now sit, scientists can get a sense of the size of the breeding population back then.
3 Transposon system is easy to manipulate, quick and can achieve high throughput, carry multiple resistance marker gene,( which makes simultaneous study of multiple genes possible.
4 Transposon is a very useful tool of gene function analysis.
5 So we started doing transposon mutagenesis.
6 One particular transposon first appeared about a million years ago.
7 Transposon tagging is an effective method for plant gene cloning and isolation.
8 Transposon mutagenesis and suicide vectors are mainly used for gene targeting in other microbes.
9 This paper introduce the base structure of transposon, the theory and methods in plant gene isolation of transposon tagging.
10 A transposon system was also used to prolong the insulin expression in the liver.
11 It discusses the progress of transposon tagging technology, as well as its use in studying in functional genomics of rice.
12 There are many methods can get gene, but the transposon tagging technique makes clone easily and simply.
13 However the former cloning methods such as map-base cloning or transposon tagging which based on forward genetics can only cloned one or several genes at the same time.
14 In order to increase the yields of xylanase, we use physical and transposon mutation.
15 Having identified a plant showing a phenotype of interest, a genomic library of the transposon tagged stock is screened for the transposable element.
16 Not just any DNA relic, Harbinger3_DR is an ancient transposon—a so-called jumping gene, able to cut itself out of an organism's genome and reinsert itself in a different location.
17 When a gene disruption is found, it can be identified and characterized by looking for the transposon DNA and then characterizing the surrounding region.
18 So we made a map of all the genes that could take transposon insertions and we called those "non-essential genes."
19 Retrotransponson is one of the major parts of rice transposon.
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