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Transposed in a sentence

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Sentence count:41+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-20Updated:2017-03-20
Similar words: transposetransporttransportabletransportationactive transportpredisposedtranspiretransparentMeaning: [træns'pəʊz] adj. turned about in order or relation. 
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1. The student inadvertently transposed the e and the i in "weird".
2. She transposed the song into a different key.
3. Two letters were accidentally transposed, and 'hand' got printed as 'hnad'.
4. The pianist transposed the song into C.
5. Other values from different spheres of activity were transposed to the political sphere to justify the move.
6. If my mind could be transposed to film, I could remember probably about thirty good or really meaningful shots.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. I had transposed the last two digits of her phone number.
8. Lateral reversal a positive or negative image transposed from left to right as in a mirror reflection of the original.
9. He transposed their names on the list.
10. Transposed to learn to think from another reflection of this world to live!
11. He transposed the words in the sentence.
12. These elements can be transposed to the Intranet, but do they represent a real advantage?
13. P: Yes, I transposed the figures on a deposIt'slip, but I corrected it before I left.
14. He transposed the numbers and mistakenly wrote 19 for 91.
15. The confusion was caused when two numbers were accidentally transposed by a Social Security clerk.
16. Moreover, the principle of linguistic self-consciousness or reflexivity seems to be made even more explicit when transposed to the narrative model.
17. But in pressing Dicey's theory into the service of a tradition his thought was transposed into a crude form.
18. The powerful balance of these figure compositions is highlighted when they are transposed into tubes and sheets of metal.
19. This factor may also account for the repetitive waves in the transposed colon.
20. The PX-120 can be divided into two keyboard areas, which can be transposed individually.
21. In this paper, it is found that the penetrameter test data that may be directly transposed to estimate the bearing capacity of the shallow footings.
22. For example, if a user enters the text IBM, the transposed, or mirrored, text MBI is returned.
23. Objective: To review the development of the tissue expansion technique and to introduce the classification, design and application of the transposed expanded skin flap.
24. A matrix can be mapped into a matrix, filled with some element, transposed, and subjected to the usual mathematical operations.
25. In order to decrease the asymmetry of current and voltage of the power system, the high voltage transmission lines should be transposed in principle.
26. Conclusion:The medial tibial periosteal flap pedicled with the inferior patellar branches can be transposed for the treatment of the defect of genicular articular surface.
27. Objective To provide the anatomic basis for design a flap of penis with external pudendal artery pedicle and transposed for urethroplasty.
28. In this case, the error shows that the second and third letters of "math" are transposed.
29. When I telephoned her dormitory and asked nervously for her, I transposed the syllables of her first and last names into ludicrous garble.
30. The drawing is a little simplified because the vessels are rarely at the same level but tend to curl under each other, usually with the transposed aorta more cephalad than the pulmonary artery.
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