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Transport in a sentence

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Synonym: carrychannelchannelisechannelizeconveyancedelightecstasyenchantenraptureenthralenthrallexaltationraptureraptusravishsendshipshippingtape drivetape transporttransfertransmittransportationSimilar words: transportationactive transporttransittransformtransmittransfertransienttranslateMeaning: [træn'spɔrt /-pɔːt] n. 1. something that serves as a means of transportation 2. an exchange of molecules (and their kinetic energy and momentum) across the boundary between adjacent layers of a fluid or across cell membranes 3. the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials 4. a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion 5. a mechanism that transports magnetic tape across the read/write heads of a tape playback/recorder. v. 1. move something or somebody around; usually over long distances 2. move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body 3. hold spellbound 4. transport commercially 5. send from one person or place to another. 
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1. If you think that these transport problems can be solved by building more roads, you completely misunderstand the nature of the problem.
2. The pipeline was constructed to transport oil across Alaska to ports on the coast.
3. It would be better to transport the goods by rail rather than by road.
4. Later centuries saw the development of a complex transport system.
5. The museum is easily accessible by public transport.
6. The government wants more people to use public transport instead of private cars.
7. Transport has always been the key to developing trade.
8. Services for customers on public transport are becoming non-existent.
9. The city's transport system is one of the most efficient in Europe.
10. Have you resolved the problem of transport yet?
11. The transport service cannot cope with the strain of so many additional passengers.
12. Public transport is a big problem in this locality.
13. Improved rail transport is essential for business.
14. I'm a great user of public transport.
15. We hired a van for transport.
16. The bicycle is an environment-friendly form of transport.
17. Staff who transfer to a different office will receive a transport allowance.
18. France and Germany invest far more per capita in public transport than Britain.
19. We needed to get to London but we had no means of transport.
20. A heavy fall of snow had disrupted the city's transport system.
21. The group has been given a remit to examine ways of improving the local transport system.
22. For most people,[] the car is still their main means of transport .
23. We need to rethink the way we consume energy. Take, for instance, our approach to transport.
24. As from Sunday, May 1 st, all fares on the corporation's transport services will be increased by ten pence in the pound.
25. His mood of deep pessimism cannot have been leavened by his mode of transport—a black cab.
26. Travelling by train is still one of the safest methods of transport.
27. An increase in cars has resulted in the decline of public transport.
28. The owner of a car is no longer forced to rely on public transport.
29. The opening chapter gives a brief historical overview of transport.
30. There will have to be a sea change in people's attitudes if public transport is ever to replace the private car.
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