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Prevision in a sentence

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Sentence count:8Posted:2017-09-06Updated:2017-09-06
Synonym: anticipationfarsightednessforesightpredictionprescienceprospicienceSimilar words: revisionrevisionistrevisionismtelevisionrevisitvisiondivisionenvisionMeaning: ['prɪː'vɪʒn] n. 1. a prophetic vision (as in a dream) 2. the power to foresee the future 3. seeing ahead; knowing in advance; foreseeing 4. the act of predicting (as by reasoning about the future). random good picture
1. Some prevision warned the explorer of trouble.
2. She previsioned herself in a position where she could repay slurs.
3. Part two introduces the general prevision about determination of dumping in Article 2, WTO Anti - Dumping Agreement.
4. That prevision provision is partly an effort to gain support from RepubliciansRepublicans.
5. Therefore, food recall system has forbidden prevision on adjusting result in the norm.
6. Good ability in planning, prevision and problems solving.
7. The guarantee of trust interest relies on the law prevision of entity and procedure.
8. The Socialists meanwhile were criticised by other left parties for including in the government bill a prevision provision barring same-sex couples from adopting children.
More similar words: revisionrevisionistrevisionismtelevisionrevisitvisiondivisionenvisionvisionalenvisionedvisionarysupervisionprovisionprovisionsdivisionalsubdivisionenvisioningnight visionprovisionalprovisioningcell divisionprovisionallyfield of visionprecisiondivision of labourimprecisionrevisereviseddevisingrevitalising
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