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Revisionism in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-04-17Updated:2017-04-17
Similar words: revisionistrevisiontelevisionprovisioningexpansionismrevisitvisionvisionalMeaning: [rɪ'vɪʒənɪzm] n. 1. any dangerous departure from the teachings of Marx 2. a moderate evolutionary form of Marxism. random good picture
1 The reforms come after decades of hostility to revisionism.
2 Ultimately, Bismarck's revisionism scarcely affected or damaged British interests at all.
3 Mr Kinnock is a relatively recent convert to revisionism.
4 For empiricists, revisionism is no heresy; and heresy no bad thing, anyway.
5 He is sweeping along on a tide of revisionism.
6 The Yugoslavian Revisionism during the 60's might be considered as an earlier experiment of this.
7 First, our party neither represents dogmatism nor revisionism.
8 Engels was regarded as the headstream of revisionism by Bernstein, western Marxists, and Marxclogists.
9 In present circumstances,( revisionism is more pernicious than dogmatism.
10 In fact, there was no revisionism in China.
11 Guard against revisionism, particularly the emergence revisionism at the party Centre.
12 Both dogmatism and revisionism run counter to Marxism.
13 As the leader said, revisionism and the bourgeois way of life are cousins , so to speak.
14 It is revisionism to negate the basic principles of Marxism and to negate its universal truth.
15 Khrushchev revisionism would have ridden roughshod over us. and our country would once again have been reduced to a colony or semi-colony.
16 But they often neglect to criticize revisionism.
17 Revisionism is one form of bourgeois ideology.
18 So privilege class would turn into revisionism group.
19 Their vision of the party pointed towards a loosely-organized entity open to the revisionism from which western Marxist parties were suffering.
20 This is not to imply that this form of historical revisionism is ideologically neutral or objective.
21 Altogether , in 1955 , the Party developed an acute crisis of revisionism which almost destroyed the Party.
22 Now it's time to direct our attention to criticizing revisionism.
23 In order to consolidate and expand their privilege, theywould carry out revisionism.
24 When dogmatism turns into its opposite, it becomes either Marxism or revisionism.
25 At the same time as we criticize dogmatism, we must direct our attention to criticizing revisionism.
26 They will also give rise to the result of historical revisionism.
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