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Anode in a sentence

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Sentence count:222Posted:2016-12-11Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: nodno doubtanotherlean onpianoone anotherdemeanoranomalyMeaning: ['ænəʊd] n. 1. a positively charged electrode by which electrons leave an electrical device 2. the negatively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current. 
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1. A red wire is often attached to the anode.
2. The metal is thereby stripped off the anode.
3. A battery is connected to the anode and cathode via leads A and C respectively.
4. The anode effect is a characteristic phenomenon in molten salts electrolysis, especially in aluminium electrolysis.
5. Since the output pulse width of the anode control power supply had varied greatly, the series-connected Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors(IGBT) switch was applied to anode control power supply.
6. Silicon power rectifier diode. Anode to case. Peak reverse voltage 1200V. Max forward current 30A.
7. The present invention relates to a kind of anode plate and its sputtering apparatus.
8. Hydrometallurgical process of recovery lead from lead anode slime in recent ten years is reviewed briefly.
9. The inner anode includes insoluble carbon and phosphorous - copper bar.
10. An electron tube having a cathode and an anode.
11. Ordered neural network(ONN) is applied to prediction of anode effect(AE) in aluminium electrolysis cell.
12. The article discusses the issue concerning with decreasing anode consumption of prebaked anode pot, and it also introduces its development and application.
13. The automatic machine of anode current collector and bottom plate spot welding was designed and prepared successfully.
14. On average, the electrons travel from the cathode to the anode.
15. One would expect this to occur most readily when the anode and cathode spacing was small.
16. Alpha lipoprotein the fastest band, migrates the closest to the anode followed by prebeta and beta lipoproteins.
17. It smashed against the rusted freight car behind her, shattering the glass exterior and buckling the sensitive anode.
18. The electrons necessary for this reduction are produced at the anode.
19. The negative terminal is called the cathode and the positive is the anode.
20. An outer cylinder of platinum was used as the anode, with a rod of palladium on its axis as the cathode.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. A process of electrolytic synthesis sodiumsodium chlorate solution by dioxide anode based titanium metal is introduced.
22. Moreover, cathode emission is quite sensitive to structure parameters such as dielectric layer' thickness, anode voltage and gate aperture; therefore, it is hard to guarantee the emission uniformity.
23. By means of non-linear regression method calculated the anodic kinetics parameters. The mechanism of anode reaction and its rate-determining step were discussed.
24. Countries in the world have been devoting long lead - acid storage battery anode floor made of titanium.
25. It'shows well - defined wavelengths which are characteristic of the structure of the metal forming the anode.
26. The metal tin electrodeposited on cupper foil was used as anode material of lithium-ion batteries.
27. Results The experiment demonstrated that the circuit was efficient for the rotating anode X-ray tube.
28. IGBT with high switching speed is described based on the dynamic controlled anode- short, which incorporates a normally- on, p- MOSFET controlled by the anode voltage indirectly.
29. Describes Lithotriptic X - ray Localizer and the improvement of anode circuit in order to increase its stability.
30. Aluminum oxide templates are prepared by two-step electrochemical anodizing process with phosphorous acid as electrolyte and high-pure aluminum as anode.
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