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Memorization in a sentence

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Similar words: vaporizationauthorizationmemorizepolarizationpopularizationpasteurizationsecularizationpressurizationMeaning: n. learning so as to be able to remember verbatim. 
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1) To many, the distinction between rote memorization and understanding is unclear and leads to confused teaching and learning.
2) We all know the fact that organization helps memorization.
3) You learn that it takes phenomenal feats of memorization to learn the Chinese characters.
4) Try new activities. Performing activities that require the memorization of complex steps will help exercise the brain. Recommended pursuits that you can try are square dancing and chess.
5) Researchers done on "memorization" have found that secondary students have a good memory power.
6) Similarly,( memorization of the table of elements gives the student a basis of reference for an entire lifetime of future scientific study.
7) Memorization of such terms without understanding their meaning can lead to mental indigestion.
8) Rote memorization has been the educator's standard operating procedure for centuries.
9) Or about the valor of the memorization gymnastics, challenging oneself always to know more.
10) This helps your speech, memorization,[] and makes you start thinking in the new language.
11) It is the memorization of all the motions executed while making music. Remember, we started off learning them consciously with the intention of ingraining them.
12) Memorization of information by frequent repetition ( rote learning ) plays a role in most education system.
13) This reduces the burden of memorization and helps you learn faster.
14) Performing activities that require the memorization of complex steps will help exercise the brain. Recommended pursuits that you can try are square dancing and chess.
15) Conventional instruction neglects practice and overemphasizes text and memorization.
16) Remember, CPP and CPPM tests are not recall, memorization exams.
17) The next important aspect in memorization is the long-term memory power.
18) Memorization reduces your effectiveness as a listener. You only hear what you know how to answer.
19) He complained that school was just memorization and regurgitation.
20) Moreover, they suffer from a scarcity of books, and from pedagogical methods that rely on the memorization of class lectures.
21) Phonics-based reading is at the core of the no-frills academic program, and repetitive drills and memorization are stressed.
22) Chemical terms, an important tool of learning chemistry should be acquired under the conduct of teachers by the way of dispersing memorization and chemical phenomena-associated memorization.
23) Psychologists could also identify the key ages that best allow for the memorization of classical texts.
24) The students are made to study most Chinese classics, such as Confucius, rote memorization.
25) The MICROSCAN is a very compact PLC for the supervision and memorization of operation and safety switches of combustion equipment.
26) However, the need for some sort of notation became evident in sacred chant tradition. As the Christian Liturgy became more complex and varied, difficulties of memorization increased for the performer.
27) Consequently, the students who thrive in the school system are typically skilled in rote memorization.
28) Their frequency of use both justifies and requires the memorization.
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