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Inward in a sentence

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Antonym: outwardSimilar words: awardforwardtowardhardwarerewardingafterwardput forwardbring forwardMeaning: ['ɪnwə(r)d] adj. 1. relating to or existing in the mind or thoughts 2. directed or moving inward or toward a center. adv. 1. toward the center or interior 2. to or toward the inside of. 
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1) The explorers discovered an inward passage.
2) Inward suffering is the worst of nemesis.
3) Her calm expression hid her inward panic.
4) The door opens inward.
5) Her words were inward and indistinct when she was in a state of half unconsciousness.
6) I sighed with inward relief.
7) And with an inward smile Dexter realised another reason why Blanche's flirtation with the inspector had made him so irritable.
8) Now 24 percent. of inward investment goes to the west midlands.
9) They have been successful in bringing in inward investment and greater job opportunities in those countries.
10) The door swung inward.
11) Everyone in the House must want further inward investment and the development that comes with it.
12) His legs bow inward.
13) All inward bound flights are being cancelled due to heavy fog.
14) Their subtle energetic matrix, their inward patterning, their instinct[],( is that of water.
15) Snow sagged against the inward cliff and around the big blocks of broken stone.
16) I understand your inward thoughts.
17) Their arms and legs bow inward, the result of muscles pulling on soft bones.
18) In fact, little of the gas driven inward need ultimately fall into the nucleus of the Galaxy.
19) Eventually they would withdraw those investments, turn inward, lick their wounds, repair their factories, and bolster their stock.
20) A model of good manners, he has conquered any inward fury.
21) Slipping off her ring, she put it on the bedside cabinet with an inward sigh.
22) I know that he appreciates the importance of infrastructure improvements to stimulate and encourage inward investment.
23) Mentally or instinctively he is looking for the pattern and his antennae are an outward expression of that inward instinct.
24) I believe that, if we are not participants in it, it will be severely damaging to inward investment.
25) Robyn watched his expression, saw the relaxation of his features, and breathed an inward sigh of relief.
26) All a bit mingy for such a big house, was Lalage's inward comment.
27) Perhaps it is better to say that the direction of her interest turns from outward to inward.
28) After lunch he fared better returning a 76, taking only 35 shots on the inward nine.
29) Throughout time, people have turned their anger and frustration inward.
30) The loss of orbital energy by the satellite causes it to evolve slowly inward into a closer, shorter-period orbit.
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