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Incontinent in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-01-28Updated:2017-01-28
Similar words: continentsubcontinentcontingentcontinuecontinuedcontinualcontinuouscontinuingMeaning: ['ɪn'kɑntnənt /-kɒntɪn-] adj. not having control over urination and defecation. random good picture
1. People often become incontinent when they get very old.
2. Many of our patients are incontinent.
3. Many of our elderly patients are incontinent.
4. His diseased bladder left him incontinent.
5. If a patient has a bedsore and is incontinent the frequent changing of sheets and incontinence pads might be regarded as nursing.
6. And Clint Schneider had become doubly incontinent.
7. A person who is constipated may also be incontinent of faeces because there is leaking around the hard mass.
8. She would never wear rubber unless she became incontinent or was taking a course in scuba diving for women.
9. Families with elderly, incontinent parents, may care to know that waterproof bedding can be purchased from this company.
10. Inevitably, the incontinent patient needs cleaning and drying at very frequent intervals, to prevent infections such as cystitis.
11. The underground water was exhausted by incontinent use.
12. A similar piece of material,(sentencedict .com) worn by incontinent adults.
13. Is middleaged woman pee incontinent how be to return a responsibility? With what to medication?
14. Relieve oneself is not had in fit incontinent reach bite broken tongue, the body is extremely rare and traumatic.
15. Perhaps she didn't drink anything before she went to bed because she was worried she was getting incontinent.
16. He recently underwent an operation but now he is incontinent.
17. Data from these two patients are included in the statistical analysis of the diagnostic anorectal manometry, as they were incontinent.
18. The most serious when can happen break down, relieve oneself is incontinent .
19. The nation which was once regarded as a buttoned-up bunch of repressives in bowler hats is now a land of incontinent alcoholics.
20. He was in any event severely crippled, even for a time paralysed and incontinent.
21. What effective prescription to have to you can control child have a bowel movement incontinent?
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