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Cut-in in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2018-11-06Updated:2018-11-06
Similar words: cutincut incut in oncut intoexecutingprosecutingprosecuting attorneycut itMeaning: n. 1. (broadcasting) a local announcement inserted into a network program 2. (film) a still picture that is introduced and that interrupts the action of a film cut in. v. 1. allow someone to have a share or profit 2. drive in front of another vehicle leaving too little space for that vehicle to maneuver comfortably 3. break into a conversation 4. interrupt a dancing couple in order to take one of them as one's own partner 5. mix in with cutting motions. 
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1. The cut-in bodice revealed her youthful, toned shoulders.
2. Therefore, the author chooses it as a cut-in point, applies the means of content analysis, and shows the GuangXi's image created by newspapers on the whole.
3. We should be good at digging out the cut-in point between them to effectually improve the education of ideological politics via campus culture.
4. Under the cut-in wind speed, the computer controls soft-cut-in network while the main contactor is delayed in action, then the wind turbine is getting into normal performance as generator.
5. The reasons for error cut-in grinding of cage spherical outside surface of ball basket constant velocity joint is analyzed, and the solution for the problem is put forward.
6. This discovery made us gained the cut-in point of using the method of combining western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to availably treat fatty liver.
7. It should select the cut-in point, ascertain the major content of the work and coordinate the relationship with other works according to the reality of school.
7. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
8. With rural image planning the cut-in, a new visual angle and method of the rural image planning are provided and the study fruit is made meaningful in realism.
9. In this part, we use the cut-in of difference between incremental value and profit increase, and use the conclusion: "although so many corporations' profit is positive number, EVA is negative."
10. Several cut-in control strategies for doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) - based variable - speed constant - frequency (VSCF) wind power generation are studied in the paper.
11. Namely multi-permanent magnetism synchronization generation couples with wind turbine directly, and introduces solid-state relay (SSR) cut-in control undisturbed and invert to grid.
12. The paper introduces the structure and characteristic of soft cut-in wind turbine control system using a dual speed asynchronous generator.
13. This paper introduces the modelling of back-pressure turbine control system and imitation with computor at electric loading throw-off for two operations: cut-off or cut-in back pressure governor.
14. In the 21st Century(, the developing mode has changed and culture has become the cut-in point.
15. For example, epoxy compounds can heal surfaces if they get cut-in just the same way that a scab forms if skin gets cut.
16. This paper analysis how distributing of knowledge influence the technological innovation organization structure with the matching of knowledge and power as a cut-in point.
17. China and the West art fusion complexity, again by individual makings and different point of view cut-in, the Chinese oil painting scenery new style will certainly to present the multiplex situation.
18. Sample the negative voltage on the diode series with IGBT by Peak hold switch circuit, and cut-in A/D module in the DSP, compared with setting value.
19. This paper takes the argument of RMB exchange rate between China and the US as point of cut-in to explore the essence of international relations in exchange rate from the plutonomy perspective.
20. This model is useful to the dynamic simulation of soft cut-in process of wind asynchronous-generator.
21. The paper centers on the study of the management mechanism of the police group of the southern, emphasizing it is the cut-in point to establish an effective checking and inspiring system.
22. Starting with the existing reform paradigms, we argue that the establishment and perfection of entrepreneurial mechanism is the breakthrough and cut-in point of reform.
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