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Glade in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-03-25Updated:2017-03-25
Synonym: clearingSimilar words: bangladeshgladgladlygladiolusbladeladenaccoladephiladelphiaMeaning: [gleɪd] n. a tract of land with few or no trees in the middle of a wooded area. random good picture
1. The trees opened in a glade that collected the shadows like a cup.
2. When they appear in a sun-struck glade, it is as if they materialized on the spot.
3. The path that left the glade was steep and narrow and spread across with ivy and clumps of mauve and white violets.
4. Once he saw a glade, a secret place with a floor of pale[ ], sandy soil.
5. In a scalloped sun-trap glade carpeted with misty bluebells a black cap sang.
6. Although it was midwinter now, the glade was as freshly green as the birch woods are in early summer.
7. Beyond the glade was a grassy field with a stand of cottonwood trees beside a stream.
8. The weapons sped on across the empty glade into the wood and there found their mark.
9. A small glade ablaze with sunbeams.
10. He had come length of that broad glade, with the island of timber, out by Dick.
11. The traveler sit on a glade in the forest.
12. Andrzej Bobiec passes through a blue-green glade of Scots pine, barely a mile from the Belarusian border.
13. Soon Parsee stopped on the borders of the glade, which was lit up by the torches.
14. They headed for a wooded glade favoured by barbecuing Muscovites, and began clearing leaves and rubbish.
15. The predator moving into the glade, is splashed by hard slashes of sunlight, which combine with its cammo pattern making it hard to see.
16. The tourists are sitting on a sylvan glade.
17. And live alone in the bee - loud glade.
18. A nice skinny dip in a quiet glade takes you back to nature.
19. I feel deep sorry and glade for all of them.
20. The traveler found a glade in the forest.
21. And on finding a lush glade, "I lay down in the sun enjoyingmyself most entirely, " Byron wrote to his half-sister, "and dared to write downin my pocket-book that I was happy."
22. Gazpacho is an improved editor for Glade UI description files, written in PyGTK.
23. She was alive; and she'd been here before, in this shadowy glade with the dark pool.
24. This year it added one new trail, a black diamond tight glade.
25. She sits down flat and firmly on the pin placed purposely for her displeasure on the bench in the wooded glade.
26. The light was beginning to go from the sky; an orange glade stood around us.
27. Nine bean, a hive for the honey bee , And live alone in the bee - loud glade.
28. I would speak with your companions who are in glade at Rocca Bianca.
29. The third day of the Dai brothers and sisters are glade to loss the game.
30. Nine bean rows will I have there, a hive honey bee , And live alone bee - loud glade.
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