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Corpulent in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-02-21Updated:2017-02-21
Synonym: chubbychunkyfatfleshyplumppudgyroundstockystouttubbySimilar words: opulenthabeas corpuswrit of habeas corpusvirulentesculentturbulenttruculentfraudulentMeaning: ['kɔpjələnt /'kɔːpjʊl-] adj. excessively fat. random good picture
1. He was fifty or there abouts and was corpulent and tall in person.
2. He is a short, somewhat corpulent, man.
3. Minded by corpulent nymphets with wings and frowns, in reticence they guard their deeply embedded doubts.
4. A short, somewhat corpulent man, he wore dark, double-breasted suits of discreet quality.
5. It went to the ceiling in corpulent puffs.
6. Then his corpulent body collapsed and gradually the noise of his drunken snoring drowned out the quiet sobbing of the Annamese girl.
7. His vast form, more corpulent than that of Cranston, was swathed in a dirty white apron.
8. Her father is too corpulent to play handball.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. Next nosepiece are corpulent. What drug can you take?
10. I had expected that Mr. Gatsby florid and corpulent person in his middle years.
11. Visible, lumbar grows spur, not be lumbar hyperplasia sex (corpulent sex) rachitis .
12. Granny comes across as plumper, more corpulent.
13. The occurrence and distribution of Drosicha corpulent a ( Kuwana ) in free - pollutant and conventional apple orchard were studied.
14. Sitting behind the window was a corpulent woman with a face of steel.
15. He was a large and corpulent individual, surfeited with good clothes and good eating, who judged women as another would horseflesh.
16. A low-calorie beverage suitable for diabetics, corpulent people and obese children was developed from Lo-Han-Kou extract with the addition of acidulating agents and natural flavourings.
17. Pumpaa, my corpulent compadre , it's the crunchy ones that make the meal.
18. We searched a corpulent corpse and a letter of correspondence.
19. We found a corpulent corpse and a letter of correspondence.
20. Corpulent is another element inducing the diabetes.
21. This was a corpulent farmer.
22. At this scale[], a single ethanol molecule is roughly the size of a corpulent Labrador retriever.
23. Stadler, meanwhile, was grimacing and snarling with every strut of his corpulent form.
24. Over the years his hair had thinned, his figure grown more corpulent, his face redder and shinier.
25. They looked as though they had all been stamped from the same corpulent mold and sent to the same workshop for finishing.
26. I had expected that Mr. Gatsby a florid and corpulent person in his middle years.
27. Slain and resurrected by a surge of negative energy, the corpulent demon arose as the gaunt Tenebrous , a god of darkness and undeath.
28. This ill clinical cent 5 model: Namely predestined relationship gingivitis, corpulent sex gingivitis, gravid sex gingivitis, green sex gingivitis and exfoliate sexual gingivitis.
More similar words: opulenthabeas corpuswrit of habeas corpusvirulentesculentturbulenttruculentfraudulentcorpsecorporalcorporatecorporealincorporateincorporealturbulencecorporationfraudulenceincorporationesprit de corpstalentsilentrelentplentyviolentlenienttalentedsilentlyinsolentnonviolentprevalent
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