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Corporeal in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2016-12-16Updated:2016-12-16
Antonym: spiritualSimilar words: corporalcorporateincorporatecorporationtorporcorpseairporthabeas corpusMeaning: [kɔː'pɔːrɪəl] adj. 1. having material or physical form or substance 2. affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit. 
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1. He is very religious; corporeal world has little interest for him.
2. Ideas are presented as tangible and corporeal in the form of hands-on exhibits.
3. Then he, too, requires a brief respite from corporeal entombment.
4. Objective : To research the extra - corporeal bacteriostasis of the incense fumigating oil of Rhizoma atractylodis artemisiae argyi.
5. The belief in the corporeal assumption of Mary was formally declared to be dogma by Pope Pius XII in 1950; Roman Catholics must therefore hold the doctrine as true.
6. The person cannot become the hobo of corporeal slave, spirit.
7. Commissariat is the corporeal foundation of economic progress and social stability.
8. Major Anya Amasova : When necessary, mutual corporeal warmth.
9. And mobile dog and horse, already corporeal errant form, that is drawn more hard.
10. It is oneofdensity, of corporeal bodies, where there is a complete cycle.
11. The use value of corporeal product has endurance, the use value of behavior product is instantaneous.
12. Modern industry civilization created rich corporeal wealth,[] the nylon that invents at the beginning of this century (chemical fibber) be known as one of inventions with 20 the greatest centuries.
13. It precedes every arrangement , corporeal, or temporal.
14. Beauty parlor not only sells corporeal products, but also sells immaterial services to customers.
15. Therefore, the sharing theory of corporeal capital owners, human capital owners and borrowed capital owners should be the sharing theory for the enterprise owners to practice.
16. The contribution by Epicureanism consists in inclusion of corporeal pleasure into a philosophical vision to emphasize the importance of personal liberty.
17. Christian Science . The highest human corporeal concept of the divine idea. (Mary Baker Eddy).
18. Manpower capital investment and corporeal capital invest, it is the main impetus that economy grows.
19. One hangs in a strait-jacket and flees the corporeal trap by adventuring in a dreamland of one's own.
20. Developing teleology is the organic union of corporeal civilization, politics civilization and spiritual civilization.
21. That which is created is of necessity corporeal and visible and tangible.
22. The capital here includes corporeal capital and manpower capital.
23. To draw and write on skin provides its own metaphor of the corporeal and the transcendent.
24. What's more, you see, Jed's group is on the point of bringing Satan into corporeal existence.
25. And then there is our own body, our own corporeal instrument, which we're awfully proud of now.
26. His portraits must in turn be considered an important constituent in their power, as compensation for their more corporeal weaknesses.
27. The specter, north and south, of the black face, real and corporeal, owing nothing to burnt cork.
28. The couples property form regulated by the present Matrimonial Property Regimes is mostly about the corporeal property, while the intangible property is neglected.
29. While the Cruze ad was schmaltzy, it got me thinking about how big a role technology now plays even in this, um, corporeal aspect of our lives.
30. It is among this, person of quite a few already had " two idle " , had on corporeal life namely more " more than money " ' , had on time energy more " betweenwhiles " .
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