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Incorporeal in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-01-28Updated:2017-01-28
Synonym: immaterialSimilar words: corporealincorporateincorporationcorporalcorporatecorporationtorporporpoiseMeaning: adj. without material form or substance. random good picture
(1) Plato demonstrated the incorporeal nature of the soul.
(2) Shivers like blossoms fell upon her incorporeal form, silver rain and bright bubbles of light.
(3) Even the Old Testament contains little reference to incorporeal substances or such rewards.
(4) The real life is guided by our incorporeal intellection.
(5) As a new type of Incorporeal Property, virtual property of online games reflects the tendency. Its appearance will further propel the Revolution of Decorporealization of Properties.
(6) At last, the author compares incorporeal property with immaterial assets, and concludes the differences of these two conceptions in connotation and extension.
(7) Trade secrets are incorporeal property, which keep non - visible by means of maintaining secrecy.
(8) As an incorporeal property right, the intellectual property is a kind of very important economic resources.
(9) The vital principle or animating force in living beings;incorporeal consciousness; supernatural being.
(10) As a vital component of an enterprise's incorporeal property, a brand embodies the technological and competitive strength.
(11) For the purposes of subsection(2), "land"does not include incorporeal hereditament.
(12) Having no body, form, or substance ; incorporeal.
(13) Only a Necromancer's army has incorporeal creatures who can avoid damage in melee combat.
(14) Incorporeal property is a kind of indispensable important resource in the management activity of contemporary enterprises.
(15) In the film, the house was visited by a strange incorporeal being.
(16) Thinking and perceiving, which might naturally be attributed to an incorporeal mind, are simply complex motions in matter.
(17) It is clear that the public is also approve the incorporeal property of human.
(18) The only thing that matters is the salvation of the incorporeal, the bodiless soul, but Milton is so unorthodox, or at least heterodox, in his insistence on the importance of the body in this poem.
(19) They seemed to have the power to touch the incorporeal and see the invisible.
(20) Methods: The self-made knot pusher made of stainless steel can be used to ligate inner ring and suture incorporeal knot extracorporeal.
(21) It is a civil right of new type(, and an incorporeal property right which is different from property right.
(22) The heaven in this poem is so far from being the incorporeal - the spiritual heaven of orthodox Christianity that you have an image of an actual orgy, the festal orgy raging under the thyrsus .
(23) It is human society progress inside drive force and incorporeal place.
(24) But really I think Nietzsche rejects both sides of the duality. There's no merely material body any more than there's an incorporeal mind.
(25) A good government image is a rich resource and incorporeal property owned by a government. It's an essential prerequisite for the government to function efficiently.
(26) Person, wade all one's life it is to searching actually incorporeal home.
(27) And on the basis of analyzing existing problems of stock financing, the innovation way of enterprise financing such as money-captial finance and incorporeal capital finance etc was proposed.
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