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Constipated in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-07-18Updated:2017-07-18
Similar words: constipationunited states constitutionconstituteddissipatedemancipatedanticipatedunanticipatedconstituteMeaning: ['kɒnstɪpeɪt] adj. have difficult or incomplete or infrequent evacuation of the bowels. 
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1, If you're constipated you should eat more roughage.
2, If you ate more fibre you wouldn't get constipated.
3, If you're constipated you may need a laxative.
4, A person who is constipated may also be incontinent of faeces because there is leaking around the hard mass.
5, The baby is constipated.
6, Tick advanced on his prey cowering constipated against the wall.
7, If you are constipated you are self-poisoning yourself.
8, If you don't drink enough water you get constipated and put your kidneys under stress.
9, Use a purge if you are constipated.
10, P: I am hungry ( thirsty constipated ).
11, most of us are way too myopic, constipated and chickenshit about fees.
12, You'll get constipated if you never eat fruit.
13, He has been constipated for a few days.
14, Q. Did you hear about the constipated mathematician?
15, My mind is constipated today.
16, You should eat more fibre and fruit if you are constipated.
17, She took the hands of those on either side of her,[] lowered her head and gave a constipated grunt.
18, Seven patients had one or more episodes of partial or complete large bowel obstruction and four others were constipated.
19, He recites Rachel's name and reads out sentences constructed by a constipated computer.
20, He used to practise heading, flicking the ball from wall to wall, as he sat there, a constipated schoolboy.
21, They have also, it must be admitted, sometimes floundered and fumbled like ten-thumbed, hammer-footed, constipated, sexless oafs.
22, And heaven knows we need that; most of us are way too myopic, constipated and chickenshit about fees.
23, Objective To explore the treatment using nifedipine combined with oryzanol against non constipated irritable bowel syndrome.
24, I just think eating all this fruit might made me constipated.
25, Therefore all engineer hope to upgrade as procuress who manage the constipated.
26, Adding a bulking agent in the form of fibre gives the bowel more work to do, so if you're constipated it is likely to worsen symptoms.
27, We knew by working the plantar surface of the big toe you could make someone constipated.
28, Objective : To study the effect of Da - Cheng - Qi - Tang pellet ( DTP ) on the intestinal movement in the constipated mice.
29, At her forecastle stood a grotesque figurehead, some worm-eaten wooden eminence with a constipated look and a scroll tucked up under one arm.
30, Rousseau Man is free to shit but is everywhere constipated.
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