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Breakneck in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-09-25Updated:2017-09-25
Similar words: weaknessneck and neckbreakbreak inbreakerinbreakbreak outbreak-upMeaning: adj. moving at very high speed. 
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1. He drove us to the hospital at breakneck speed.
2. They chased each other through the streets at breakneck speed .
3. Jack drove to Mayfair at breakneck speed.
4. He drove away at breakneck
5. They were cycling along at breakneck speed/at a breakneck pace.
6. The company had been growing at breakneck pace until last year.
7. At that time, cities were growing at breakneck speed .
8. We raced down the mountain at breakneck speed.
9. Despite the breakneck advancement of women on one level, traditionally sexist assumptions and time-honored bigotry remain enshrined on another.
10. Neither do I. Tradition is being manufactured at breakneck pace.
11. As ever in China, developments occur at breakneck speed once initiated.
12. The young man drove the car at breakneck speed.
13. Such circumstance is breakneck, have a bit shake, hang overhead droplight to fall down likely, consequence is very serious.
14. Race down the slopes at breakneck speed and beat awesome records.
15. He raced through the city streets at breakneck speed , sending pedestrians running for cover.
16. The result has been burgeoning variety and a breakneck expansion of the private sector.
17. He painted long into the night, at breakneck speed, his depression gradually slipping away.
18. China's economy is growing at a breakneck pace.
19. Jenny stepped onto her skis and sped off at breakneck speed down the glistening, white mountain.
20. Some guides are indeed very brief, suggesting visits at breakneck speed where only a few items or rooms will be seen.
21. If they had been alone ... She shook her head in disbelief; everything was suddenly moving at breakneck speed.
22. As most travelers know, you can only travel at breakneck speed for so long.
23. Meanwhile the Midland's board was only allowed sketchy details about the breakneck expansion.
24. Cirrus, known mostly for multimedia chips, had been growing at a breakneck pace until last year.
25. It took us an hour to get there, driving at breakneck speed.
26. Dorothy Newman nudged her fellow conspirator back to reality, then they ran at breakneck speed to their respective homes.
27. This music became known as "Hot Jazz", because of the often breakneck speeds and amazing improvised polyphony that these bands produced.
28. There is no obvious reason why the clusters should be moving at such breakneck speeds, unless they are experiencing an unusually strong pull from something beyond the visible horizon.
29. China cannot hope to rely for much longer on export expansion to sustain present breakneck growth.
30. The driver pulled up to the curb and the traffic cop told him that he had been doing ninety-eight-a really breakneck speed.
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