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Breaker in a sentence

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Synonym: breakerscircuit breakerledgemansurfSimilar words: speakerbreakbreak upbreak outoutbreakbreak inbreak offbreakingMeaning: ['breɪkə] n. 1. a quarry worker who splits off blocks of stone 2. waves breaking on the shore 3. a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded. 
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1. There is an internal circuit breaker to protect the instrument from overload.
2. The movie became a box-office record breaker.
3. Our trusty electric breaker was called for, and ear defenders were handed out - they were absolutely vital!
4. Always use a circuit breaker for added safety.
5. Zahner attributed that, in part, to the circuit breaker system installed to prevent a repeat of the crash of 1987.
6. The game breaker was Manuel Santelices' 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, giving the host Buccaneers a 16-6 lead.
7. As we approached the breaker line, a normal boat would have pitched and tossed awkwardly on the wave crests.
8. See Air Circuit Breaker, Main Breaker, Molded Case Circuit Breaker and Power Circuit Breaker.
9. Built-in breaker, AC contactor, time relay, thermal relay, current transformer, voltmeter, ammeter, indicating meter in start-delta type starting box .
10. If your monitor has a breaker or a reset switch, try resetting it to see if that solves the problem.
11. All circuit breaker switchgear are air insulated metal clad switchgears with withdrawable vacuum circuit breakers.
12. The circuit breaker replacement is extremely simple, handcart interchangeability good.
13. A novel DC hybrid solid state based circuit breaker on IGBT was presented by analyzing and comparing advantages and disadvantages of solid state circuit breakers.
14. Thermal protector , fuse , motor breaker, etc. can be applied up on request.
15. A hose connection type anti-siphon vacuum breaker shall be installed where indicated on the plans to prevent the back siphonage of contaminated water.
16. LIN Xin . Permanentmagnet and vacuum breaker. Beijing: China Machine Press 2002.
17. You can, as a matter of course, help to protect yourself from electric shocks by using a circuit breaker.sentencedict .com
18. If in any doubt, consult an electrician. Always use a circuit breaker for added safety.
19. And then holding the cigarette in front of his face he snapped the tip like some breaker of bread.
20. The 1987 champion berry, a woodpecker, weighed in at 28 drams 4 grains; not a record breaker this time.
21. Experts are now being called out to check this tress vital statistics, and establish it officially as a record breaker.
22. But the action developing on the streets was making him more memorable as a head breaker than as a king maker.
23. Today there's not enough blow, but to be a record breaker you have to be ready.
24. Even when the installation has been undertaken by an expert, the inclusion of a circuit breaker is a wise precaution.
25. Constructive and destructive waves correspond closely with two of the main types of breaker recognised today, namely spilling and plunging breakers.
26. Again carries on the design to the broach chip breaker.
27. In computation of shoreline erosion on the downdrift side of that port breakwater, the influence of the variation of longshore breaker height is considered.
28. Electromagnetic trip is key element of low voltage circuit breaker used for instantaneous current protection.
29. Explains the process of troubleshooting for the X-ray position system and stone breaker system of HB-ESWL-VG impact wave stone breaker.
30. If a longer reclosing time is setting in a heavy load line, the system may swing after the trip without fault of remote breaker.
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