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Vein in a sentence

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Antonym: arterySimilar words: give incave indrive indrive intobelieve income into beingveilunveiledMeaning: [veɪn]  n. 1. a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart 2. a distinctive style or manner 3. any of the vascular bundles or ribs that form the branching framework of conducting and supporting tissues in a leaf or other plant organ 4. a layer of ore between layers of rock 5. one of the horny ribs that stiffen and support the wing of an insect. v. make a veinlike pattern. 
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1. The vein at his temple throbbed angrily.
2. A blue vein throbbed in his forehead.
3. He could have died after developing deep vein thrombosis during a flight to Sydney.
4. The nurse was having trouble finding a vein in his arm.
5. The girl is not in the vein for singing today.
6. A vein pulsed in his temple.
7. The director discovered a rich vein of sentimentality.
8. The surgeon performed a section on the vein.
9. Her stories struck/revealed a rich vein of humour.
10. There was more humour, in much the same vein.
11. The complaints continued in the same vein.
12. Blue blood flowed in the vein.
13. 'And that's not all,' he continued in angry vein.
14. His arm was spurting blood where the vein had been severed.
15. The writer tapped into a rich vein of humour in the play.
16. The team have hit a rich vein of form recently.
17. This Spanish drama has a vein of black humour running through it.
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18. A vein of satirical anger runs through all his work.
19. In the afternoon he struck a rich vein of gold.
20. There is a rich vein of literary talent here just waiting to be tapped by publishers.
21. There was a vein of proverbial wisdom in what he said.
22. They had tapped a rich vein of information in his secretary.
23. You will never enjoy the world aright, till he sea itself floweth in your vein, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars. 
24. She has written her description of him in a mildly humorous vein.
25. Surgical waiting lists were reduced by the simple expedient of striking off all patients awaiting varicose vein operations.
26. It is one of his finest works in a lighter vein.
27. After laughing over the photo, they began to talk in more serious vein about the damaging effect it could have on his career.
28. Other speakers tackled the same problem in a lighter vein.
29. Fortunately, the rest of the evening continued in a lighter vein.
30. The opening scene is very violent, and the rest of the film continues in similar vein.
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