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Tundish in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2020-05-14Updated:2020-05-14
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1. Factors influencing the casting charge number of tundish are analyzed. Measures to increase the casting charge number are presented and the measures are proved to be very effective in practice.
2. Argon blowing tundish is a new technology for production of clean steel.
3. Large inclusion come from mould fluxes, oxidation products, tundish covering flux and so on.
4. The new technologies include tundish metallurgy, quick-change tundish, steel stream control in mould and soft reduction etc.
5. A magnesite dry refractory ramming material used in tundish lining of electric furnace is researched, with electrically fused magnesite as main raw material and solid phenolic resin as bonding agent.
6. It's mainly used in ladle backing layer and tundish backing layer.
7. Tundish and ladle safety linings, ladle bottom and mending installation of ladles.
8. In light of those problems it is strongly recommended that special tundish covering flux and mold flux be researched and developed for continuously casting rare earth...
9. In light of those problems it is strongly recommended that special tundish covering flux and mold flux be researched and developed for continuously casting r...
10. On the basis of water - modeling result , we have made an experiment with tundish control flow device.
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11. The advantages and executive processes as well as the service condition of alkalinous dry lining of tundish have been introduced.
12. A set of lead-screw mechanism driven by servomotor was applied in the executive mechanism. Aiming at the characteristic of deposit layer growth, the tundish was lifted discontinuously .
13. While using silicious insulation plate as the working lining for continuous casting tundish at the 2nd Steelmaking Plant of our company, the skin blowholes occurred seriously on the head of billets.
14. Continuous casting process and billet quality were directly impacted by the bath level of molten steel in tundish.
15. Absorption of inclusions to slag, steel reoxidation by slag, and protective effect of the slag at ladle, continuous tundish and nold are discussed.
16. By means of physical model and industrial practice, the influence of argon bubbling into tundish via porous plug on the fluid flow and inclusion removal was performed.
17. The casting time and ladle life have greatly increased after adopting SEN mechanics in the tundish.
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