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Triploid in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2021-04-05Updated:2021-04-05
Similar words: diploidploidyeuploidhaploidpolyploidaneuploidperiplocatetraploidMeaning: adj. of a cell or organism having three complete sets of chromosomes. 
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1 Discovery of spontaneous triploid of Allium tuberosum.
2 Human triploid fetuses are usually spontaneously aborted.
3 The process of microsporocyte rneiosis in triploid sugar beet was reported and analysed in this paper.
4 The apparent photosynthetic rate of leaf of the triploid mulberry breed varies with different leaf order.
5 The histological observations on the developmental gonad of triploid Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas were conducted.
6 It is analyzed that chemical composing of triploid populusand triploid populus tomentosa carr . trunk andpopulus branch.
7 The difference of mantle between diploid and triploid is analyzed from outward appearance, tissue slides and content of protein and glycogen in Crassostrea gigas.
8 Art base paper blended with P - RC APMP of the triploid of Populus thomentosa was investigated.
9 The basic studies and the status of industrialization on triploid Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) in China were introduced.
10 The results indicated that all of the samples were diploidy except that there were 23 triploid materials in the white mulberry and that the drug mulberry were 22-ploidy.
11 The comparative effectiveness of combined caffeine and heat(CFHT) , CB and 6 DMAP for inducing triploid in Crassostrea gigas is reported.
12 Furthermore, maternal biased chromosome conversion was revealed by GISH in both triploid and diploid hybrids,[] as early as at trophore-larvae stage.
13 A mulberry variety both for sorosis and leaf, Da 10, was introduced from Guangdong to Zhejiang province, which is triploid.
14 Comparative study of gonadal development of male diploid and triploid oyster, Crassostrea gigas was made by means of flow cytometry (FCM).
15 In this paper, we discussed the effect of the super-cooling treatment at different embryo stages based on their rate of tetraploid induction and the sex ratio of triploid in the next generation.
16 Quantative trait loci(QTL) were identified and its effects were analysized by using triploid endosperm genetic model and interval mapping.
17 Gametosomatic fusion of pummelo with sweet orange led to the regeneration of triploid embryos. Pollen-tube growth was observed during the culture.
18 Polyploids can arise by somatic doubling, by the fusion of unreduced gametes, and by means of a triploid bridge.
19 The observation on chromosomes of Rhus verniciflua Stokes and the discovery of triploid lacquer tree.
20 The endosperm, which is derived from two polar nuclei fusing with one sperm, is a triploid tissue whose genetic constitution is more complex than common diploid tissue.
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