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Sentence count:28Posted:2022-04-21Updated:2022-04-21
Meaning: n. the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy; 18-karat gold is 75% gold; 24-karat gold is pure gold. 
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1 Objective:To compare the effects and adverse reactions of intravenous azithromycin(AT), kitasamycin(KT)and erythromycin(ET)in treating children's infection caused by mycoplasma pneumonia(MP).
2 It was found that, when with KT, IAA wasmost effective on embryogenesis, 2,4 - D was ess effective .
3 OBJECTIVE To prepare ketorolac tromethamine ( KT ) alginate - chitosan microcapsules, and to investigated the behavior of KT microcapsules in vitro.
4 Objective:To observe the curative effect of Kechuan Tang( KT )for acute attack of chronic asthmatic bronchitis.
5 In KT patients diagnosed with PVAN, leflunomide plus reduced immunosuppression improved graft function in 66.6%, cleared BKV viremia in 42%, and resulted in side effects in 17%.
6 Mullon KT . Color and luminance vision in human optic neuritis ? ? J ] . Brain 1986 ; 109∶1 - 13 .
7 Crutches, wall - mounted air sterilizer dynamic KT - B 60 also dual yo other specifications.
8 Hormone KT was the main factor in height growth of shoot multiplication, which could make nodes elongate, make buds grow well and make cells become nutritious performance from progenitive performance.
9 KT & G is Korea's single - largest cigarette manufacturer and accounts for around 60 percent of the local market. ...
10 By using round-plate method, the regulation of stomatal opening by abscisic acid (ABA),( kinetin (KT) and humic acid (HA) was compared.
11 Analysis of HPLC showed that exogenous KT works through the increase of KT and Zeatin contents of chill injured rice seedlings.
12 The experiments showed that KT promoted SOD de novo biosynthesis mainly on the transciriptional level.
13 Kenwood KT - 815 - Bass thin , treble forward . It cries out for a new audio stage.
14 DCS has been used in 40 kt a sulfur recovery plant.
15 RK type resistor - KT type cam controller, a phase open circuit.
16 For example, the painkiller Orudis KT is a version of the prescription drug ketoprofen, which can cause ulcers and severe stomach bleeding if taken in high doses or for an extended period.
17 I kt ht go ad bh ae tt t th a i.
18 Methods We assembled 21 patients with chronic uremia on hemodialysis and measured their value of the serum concentration of parathormone (PTH), calcium (Ca) and phosphate (P) before and after KT.
19 Sofar things have gone well. There hasn't been much wind during the day, and I've been getting a few hours of 15 -20 kt winds in the afternoon.
20 Object: to study clinical significance in early diagnosis of ACL injuries with MRI and KT - 2000 arthrometer .
21 Objective To observe differences of parathyroid function and calcium - phosphate metabolism between and after kidney transplantation KT.
22 kT So the energy has to get to be very big.Before it's bigger kT than kT. And as long as it isn't, then this exponential term is not small.
23 A method of outlier detection in re-gression is proposed making use of the character of structure risk function and KT condition in support vector regression in this paper.
24 In convex programming theory, a constrained optimization problem, by KT conditions, is usually converted into a mixed nonlinear complementarity problem.
25 The coagulation test of SBR-1712 latex, by using the TXD-63 ( polymeric flocculant ) and sulfuric acid system was carried out on a 10 kt SBR commercial plant.
26 kT The heat capacity is du/dT. It's zero because, here's kT.
27 You are too close to another traffic , reduce your indicate speed to 340 Kt, call over LQ.
28 China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation ( CASIC ) revealed the KT - 1 solid - fuel space launch vehicle in 2001.
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