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In the same way in a sentence

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Sentence count:170Posted:2017-02-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: all the samethe same asjust the sameat the same timein the wayin the way ofin the wake ofin the shape of
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1 Make the drink with boiling water in the same way as tea.
2 School meals need to be marketed to children in the same way as other food.
3 We like them in the same way that we like pretty curtain material.
4 People don't look after other people's property in the same way as they look after their own.
5 The drugs didn't seem to affect Anna in the same way .
6 The museum was strange in the same way.
7 Nor do they all function in the same way.
8 It should be treated in the same way as pinch pleat tape.
9 They are bought through a stockbroker in the same way as ordinary investment trust shares.
10 You must exercise your mind each day in the same way that you do your body.
11 I crept up to my first victim in the same way as I imagine a lion cub stalks it first wildebeest - clumsily.
12 Adverbs Adverbs describe verbs in the same way that adjectives describe nouns.
13 Similar but slightly larger amounts are allocated in the same way for secondary pupils.
14 It is contagious in the same way that sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea, are contagious.
15 Perhaps I am being prejudged in the same way, if my name is even mentioned outside.
16 The bottom strand is numbered in the same way from the 5' end, but with primes on the numbers.
17 In the same way that matter is constituted of fundamental particles, antiparticles are the building blocks of antimatter.
18 In the same way, the West continues to make large sums of money from Third World debt.
19 All birds of this species are programmed to build their nests in the same way.
20 All three children have equality in our family — they are all treated in the same way.
21 There is no reason why a gifted aircraft designer should also be a capable pilot. In the same way, a brilliant pilot can be a menace behind the wheel of a car.
22 When do the children finish school? When you are talking about a particular building, the is used:I'll meet you outside the school. Prison, jail, court,[] and church work in the same way:Her husband spent three years in prison.
23 The ritual of the party conference is acted out in the same way every year.
24 Now Will maintains his positive attitude by continuing to behave in the same way. 5.
25 Similarly, insects and land snail shells are identified, sorted and quantified in the same way as animal and plant remains.
26 The tide of love, as these romantic girls put it, never came full again in the same way.
27 The plump girl, who had been so full of life, was killed in the same way as the earlier victims.
28 Neither does varying the task necessarily affect the group success rate in the same way that it affects individual performance.
29 He remembers his lonely school days, in assured manner that his son will not grow up in the same way.
30 Press seam allowance to the wrong side on the lining and notch out in the same way.
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