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Give out in a sentence

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Synonym: breakbreak downconk outdiedistributeemitfailgive offgive waygogo badhand outpass outrun outSimilar words: give offlive outdrive outleave outgivelive ongive ingive upMeaning: v. 1. give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc. 2. give out 3. prove insufficient 4. stop operating or functioning. 
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1, This fire doesn't give out much heat.
2, "Why not give out one of the cybercafe's e-mail addresses?" suggested one bright spark.
3, He wouldn't give out any information.
4, Our food supply at last give out.
5, Banks, he said, had been overeager to give out loans.
6, My money was beginning to give out and there were no jobs to be found.
7, Parcels were supposed to be give out, but the guards stole any items of slight value.
8, Most entertainers give out cards with their own or the agency's phone number on it.
9, We have a dinner, give out awards.
10, We only give out names if we know that relatives and next of kin have been informed.
11, Basic rule here is never give out your password or account number, not online or over the phone.
12, We've only five copies to give out, so don't hang about.
13, Would all teachers give out a gentle reminder please.
14, Give out a lot of free candy and everybody is happy for a while.
15, A 102 key tactile keyboard has keys that give out an audible click when depressed.
16, They may give out scents of citrus, mint, pine or rose, and most make wonderful patio plants.
17, Finally, cells give out and receive signals from neighbouring cells.
18, The leaves when crushed give out a pungent or acid smell.
19, All machines give out eventually.
20, It was what made Frank give out the food or loan some money to a man out of his own pocket.
21, Please don't translate machine and web page to give out me, syntax and use a phrase the bug is a lot of, interpretation after in 250 phrases, thanks Like also apply a deci for everyone!
22, Even after the sun had set,[ out.html] the stones continued to give out heat.
23, The snag is that online users are reluctant to give out information about themselves to Web sites.
24, In contrast to most plants, they breathe in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.
25, I am so frightened that my legs begin to give out, actually buckle, and I reach for the railing.
26, I prepared a brief statement which I instructed Mrs Metz to give out.
27, There are radiators in the attic but they do not give out much warmth.
28, One of the biggest fears an analyst has is that a company will give out information in an unfair manner.
29, And that is impossible for a music paper because music is very subjective and hence the marker would never give out full marks.
30, The twenty-nine year old Congolese man directs a group of local workers for the French aid group called Triangle. They are preparing to give out seeds and food aid to about nine hundred families.
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