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Cry out in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: cry fora far crycrystaltry outtry oncarry outeveryonecarry onMeaning: v. utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy. 
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1. Don't cry out before you are hurt. 
2. She wanted to cry out to him not to be so stupid.
3. It took incredible self-control not to cry out with pain.
4. Even the smallest movement made him cry out in pain.
5. Often he would have bad dreams and cry out in his sleep.
6. I heard her cry out in her sleep.
7. I heard myself gasp and cry out.
8. I stopped my ears but still heard her cry out.
9. I felt too terrified to even cry out for help.
10. The wounded man could not forbear to cry out.
11. There is an earthquake in Leghorn: Flaubert doesn't cry out in sympathy.
12. Instead, the open land seemed to cry out for in-creased numbers to develop resources and increase the wealth of all.
13. Eve heard Benny cry out, and then she saw the faces frozen as the car came towards her.
14. But the girls would cry out: No, no, not true!
15. His grandmother hurried down, and they heard her cry out.
16. With its own ignoble voice, blood does, indeed, cry out for blood.
17. He slapped her, swiftly and casually, his hand coming back to cover her mouth in case she might cry out.
18. The hot car seats stung the children's bare legs and made them cry out in protest.
19. Jezrael clenched her teeth so hard against the torment that her jaws shuddered, but she didn't cry out.
20. The skin around the wound grew taut, and shooting pains nearly made Gao Ma cry out.
21. The war has left terrible scars on the people who cry out for urgent therapy and redress.
22. Now there are many mourners, who burn incense and cry out accusations.
23. I was the boy hiding in the cupboard, gagging my little sister so she wouldn't cry out.
24. She drew in her breath sharply and bit down hard on her bottom lip in an effort not to cry out.
25. She'd twist and turn, she'd fold herself double, she'd cry out.
26. Yet, there are deep, long-term crises at home and internationally that cry out for leadership.
27. Willing my heart to beat normally, I defy the urge to turn back or freeze or cry out.
28. He increased the pressure on her wrist causing her to cry out in pain and to drop the glass.
28. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
29. He felt her whole body stiffen in shock, but though she gasped, she did not cry out.
30. This tears her and causes her a sharp pang of pain, making her cry out.
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