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Carex in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2023-11-01Updated:2023-11-01
Similar words: rexforexpyrexcorexorexinbar examcard-carryinganorexicMeaning: n. large genus of plants found in damp woodlands and bogs and ditches or at water margins: sedges. 
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1. Atavistic spikelets of bisexual structure in genus Carex.
2. A taxonomic discussion on genus Carex L. sect. Boernera.
3. New taxa of the genus Carex from Hubei.
4. The process soil nitrogen accumulating of Carex meyeriana in Gougu Wetland in Changbaishan Mountain was studied and simulated.
5. I earnestly hope that this kind Carex heart, deep feelings with absolute sincerity that you share a common fate with the development, to make progress.
6. Growth responses of Carex lasiocarpa to different water regimes and hydrologic experience were studied in seedling transplant and water control experiments.
7. For the whole peatland, Carex schmidt ii is dominant species.
8. Carex species often lack mycorrhizae , but under conditions of low phosphorus availability many species facultatively form dauciform root structures that are implicated in phosphorus uptake.
9. The characteristics and geographical subdivision of genus Carex L. in Gansu and its relationship with Carex of Qinghai Plateau.
10. The main plant invaded forests are Carex korhinskyiand Carex duriuscula after relative stability of forest plantation community.
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11. The morphological structure of leaves of Carex orbicularis were studied using light microscopy.
12. The data indicate that Festuca rubra and Carex subpediformis have the greatest biomass and they are the dominant species in the Taihangshan grassland.
13. Poa pratensis, Bromus inermis and Carex duriuscula are short rhizomes plants, .
14. Carex letter color flat grass field, cloud valve Lan Yuan - hui to the door.
15. A conspectus and phytogeography of the genus Carex subgen. Vignea (P. Beauv. ) Kirsch. in China.
16. Carex frustration had come to think of one side to sit down alone.
17. The achene epidermis of 15 species of Carex subgenus Indocarex was observed with SEM.
18. The average ratio of reflectivity of Carex lasiocarpa wetland is 21.
19. Carex kobomugi is an important biological species resource with versatile uses.
20. The researches on taxonomic evolution, forage, greening, medicine and material cycle of the plant of Carex were reviewed and discussed.
21. It was found that curve of diurnal changes of light use efficiency of four plants tended to "double peaks", but the curve of Carex korshinskyi was differed from the others .
22. The difference and vertical variability of the major nutrition elements contents in Carex lasiocarpa wetland soil and farmland soil are studied.
23. An experiment was conducted to simulate the changing feature of CO2 and CO in Carex meyeriana wetland soil during growing season.
24. The results were as follows: Phyllostachys varioauriculata was the most in shrub layer, and the important value of Carex pallens was the highest in herb layer.
25. The reducing sugar contents in forage plants in high plain grassland were higher than that in sandy grassland except Leymus chinensis and Carex duriuscula.
26. In the zonal area from 500 to 700 m , plant community is Betula ovilifolia - Carex schmidtii - Sphagnum palustre community.
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