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NMP in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2019-11-28Updated:2019-11-28
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1. The effects of N-methyl pyrrolidinone(NMP) on viscosity and stability of aqueous polyurethane emulsion, water absorbing ratio, contacting angle of glue film and T peel strength were studied.
2. Under the condition of different solvent to oil ratios and different temperature, the solvent of ethanol, furfural and N-methyl-pyrrolidone (NMP) were used for refining lubricating oil.
3. Falling film absorption with TFE/NMP solution in a static vertical tube and that in a vacillating tube are investigated respectively.
4. In conclusion, the NMP 22 assay may be a useful adjunct to cystoscopy for diagnosing bladder cancer.
5. A novel monomer 2,6 - diphenoxybenzonitrile (DPOBN) was prepared by condensation of 2,6 -dichlorobenzonitrile with phenol in N - methyl pyrrolidone (NMP)in the presence of KOH and K2CO3.
6. In order to fabricate rubber packing oil satisfied with some standards, extract oil, a byproduct during solvent refining of lubricating oil, was refined using N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone(NMP).
7. This paper introduces the latest in the NMP recovery.
8. Objective:A rapid release capsule of NMP was developed using solid dispersion techniques.
9. Nonminimum (NMP) phase problem is in general the cause of failure of the conventional active noise control approaches in suppressing random noises.
10. The copolymers show good solubility in N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF), dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO),[] N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) and some inorganic acids like H2SO4.
11. Using NMP as adsorbent to adsorb the C2H2 and VC in off-gas, the effluent standards have been reached and achieve cleaning production.
12. NMP is widely applied to aromatic hydrocarbons extracting , acetylene , and diolefine purification.
13. The computation results show that vacillation has a significant effect on falling film absorption in a vertical tube with TFE/NMP solution.
14. NMP zeolite has a small head loss through a long time to deal with large amount of water and good renewable.
14. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
15. Objective:To compare the results and effect of different neuromuscular pedicle (NMP) embeded in posterior cricoarytenoid muscle.
16. Hyperbranched aromatic polyamides were prepared by direct polycondensations of the two monomers in the presence of triphenyl phosphite and pyridine as condensation agents in NMP.
17. On the basis of the analysis of the present problems of security on information transmission of NMP, the information transmission security model based on XML has been established in this paper.
18. The purification of commercial PPS was conducted with the mixture of PEG and NMP. The results showed that the impurities contained in PPS can be eliminated effectively in high temperature.
19. PANI/ABS film was prepared by Solution blending in organic solvent system, in which PANI was fully dissolved in NMP by the addition of aroma reducing agent.
20. It is dissolved in many kinds of dipolar aprotic organic solvents such as NMP, DMAc, DMSO, sulfolane.
21. Once injected into an aqueous environment, the polymeric mixture solidified into a solid implant due to the leaching of NMP.
22. The polymers are readily soluble in polar solvents such as NMP, DMF, and m-cresol etc, and showed excellent optical property.
23. The production status of the solvent refining with N - methyl - pyrrolidone ( NMP ) assolvent is summarized.
24. We have a programme of improvements in place and continue to work with Sellafield Ltd and NMP to make progress.
25. One route is to produce the rubber filling oil which is satisfied with some standards by NMP extracting.
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